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Working with local Recruitment Agencies

With modern methods of communication available, there is nothing to stop you working with a recruitment agency located anywhere in the country - but there can still be many benefits to using a more local service. Firstly, an agency which recruits locally is potentially more likely to have met with a candidate or employer in person - meaning that the matchmaking process they go through may be able to operate on a more subtle level than if a face to face meeting had not taken place.

Secondly, some recruiters work specifically within a particular field of employment - and these specialists often tend to be based in geographic areas where that field is popular. Many specialist engineering recruiters can be found near major industrial activity for example. This can mean that these very focussed agencies have an advantage in certain situations.

On this page you can find recruitment agencies in the UK sorted into popular geographic areas. If you can't find the location you are looking for, please click the link at the bottom of the page - which details agencies located in further areas.

Recruitment Agencies By Region