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becollektiv, established in 2019, extends employment opportunities in Creative, Advertising and Design. Led by their founder who has 15 years of experience in recruitment and talent acquisition, they complete permanent, temp to perm, contract and freelance mandates in Creative, Account Handling, Project Management and Production like Creative Producer, Editor, Integrated Project Manager and Junior Versioning Producer. They are situated in Bow.

401 Clement Attlee House 61 Cardigan Road, Bow, London, E3 5GH

Bamboo Fundraising Recruitment

A charity-focused specialist agency, Bamboo Fundraising Recruitment helps in placing staff into permanent positions across London and in the US. They also provide support for fundraising organizations and assist them in growing their teams. Several roles they typically recruit for include Senior Trust Officer, Database Manager, and Managing Director.

60 Dace Road, Bow, London, E3 2NN

More information

Bow is a largely residential district in London's East End which has undergone a major rejuvenation thanks to the London 2012 Olympics, which brought huge development and regeneration to the areas once run-down community.

The area was once the hub for the City markets butchered and slaughtered cattle, which in turn brought about another burgeoning industry Bow Porcelain, which was made from the animals bones and was a prosperous enterprise, offering skilled employment to residents.

By the 19th century the Bryant and May match factory became one of Bow's largest employers of staff until its closure in 1979. It is also famous for the Match Girls Strike of 1888, which made way for the Suffragette movement.

While much work has been done to improve the quality of life, education and employment opportunities in Bow, part of the Tower Hamlets borough, there remains a way to go. It is still the third most run down place in the UK and unemployment stands at 13%.

However, the borough is becoming known for being an area of opportunity after suffering deprivation for many years. It brings in £6 billion a year to its economy and recruitment agencies looking for central London workers often find them here out of all of the capital's jobs a total of 5% staff come from this region.


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