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Gatwick, also referred to as London Gatwick, is London's second largest airport and one of the most significant employers in the South East region. Located in Crawley, West Sussex, the airport contributes £2bn to the economy of London and the South East every year. Recruitment in Gatwick is diverse and career opportunities are available in industries including Retail, Security and Engineering.

Local recruitment agencies that support Gatwick jobs are predominantly found in Crawley, London and nearby Horley. Many nationwide employment firms will additionally fill Gatwick vacancies, including industry specialists and multi-sector agencies. Temporary and contract demands are also often addressed by recruiters, as well as permanent positions.

Gatwick employment

The airport is one of the main employers in the region and recruitment agencies are frequently used to fill vacancies. There are 23,000 direct employees, and a further 2,200 involved in off-site jobs related to the airport. With job roles ranging from Airport Operations to Construction, common staff placements may include Field Service Engineers, Planning Analysts and Security Officers. Around fifty airlines use Gatwick including low cost carriers like EasyJet, charter airlines like Thomas Cook and full service flag-carrier British Airways. This means that Aviation hires are common for Gatwick job seekers.

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