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Selkirkshire is located in the Scottish Borders area. It is no longer an administrative district, but has a population of somewhere in the region of 21,000 people. Recruitment agencies in the area find jobs for their clients over a wide area.

Approximately 41 per cent of the Selkirkshire workforce hold high ranking positions at their places of employment. These jobs include managers, directors and senior officials as well as associate professional and technical members of staff. The figure also includes professional occupations.

Administrative and secretarial employees along with those working in skilled trades make up the second largest sector of the local workforce which stands at 22.5 per cent.

One fifth of those in employment in Selkirkshire work either in elementary occupations or in the field of process plant and machine operation.

Service industries account for 16.4 per cent of the workforce. These people work in the caring and leisure industries, or in sales and customer service.

Just over 83 per cent of Selkirkshire's working population has achieved NVQ Level One or a higher qualification. Almost 36 per cent has achieved NVQ Level Four or a higher qualification. The average weekly income for a full time employee is £449.50

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Balfour Wilson Recruitment

Balfour Wilson Recruitment is a specialist recruitment agency that accommodates temporary and permanent placements nationwide. They have assisted over 2000 candidates and employers in various sectors including Accounting & Finance, Administration, Hospitality, Pharmaceutical, HR, IT, Customer Service, Construction, Retail, Sales, and Engineering.

Unit 10a, Forest Mill, Station Road, Selkirk, Selkirkshire, TD7 5DJ

Driver Hire Nationwide

Driver Hire Nationwide matches candidates with Specialist Logistics businesses, focusing on Driver and other Transport Operations roles. With teams in more than 100 locations in the UK, they have assisted over 4,000 applicants in permanent and temporary jobs. They began in 1983 and have since gathered awards and certifications like Franchisor of the Year during the 2019 bfa HSBC Franchise Awards, and ISO 9001.

1st Floor Anderson Chambers, Market Street, Galashiels, Selkirkshire, TD1 3AF
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