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Docklands is the colloquial name given to the area of East and South East London that covers the boroughs of Greenwich, Newham, Tower Hamlets, Southwark, and Lewisham. The area underwent a period of huge redevelopment during the 1980s, 90s, and into the 2000s, that brought about a massive change in the type of labour that occurred in the area.

As a result of the redevelopment and regeneration in the docklands not only the employment demographics have undergone change, but the volume of workers has increased too. In fact it is forecast that by 2014 the working population will exceed 175,000.

Canary Wharf is London's second financial centre and as such provides much of the employment in the area. Not only in the financial and IT services sector for which it is most well known, but also in retail and food services at the many shops and restaurants now housed in area. Canary Wharf is home to the European headquarters of many of the world's largest banks such as Barclay's, HSBC, J.P. Morgan, Citibank, and Credit Suisse. They are major employers and maintain significant staff levels in the area.

It is highly recommended when looking for work in the docklands to utilise the services of a specialist recruitment agency who will know both the area, and the sectors that account for the area's largest employers.

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Care-Hire Solutions Ltd

About Care-Hire Solutions Ltd

Every week Care Hire places between 500 and 1000 people to work in temporary and permanent roles throughout the healthcare industry across the UK. Having built a total portfolio of over 10,000 staff, including Doctors, Nurses , Social Care Workers and DBS trades people. We feel strongly placed to confidently deliver for our clients across the industry. Our mission is to be a "Model of Excellence" in providing Care hire solutions.

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Child Care | Domestic / Child Care | Government / Public Sector | Health Care | Social Care
Covers: UK | Contract, Part Time, Permanent, Temporary | Salaries £15k - £100k

N Woolwich Road, Royal Docks, London, E162BG
Plus 7 additional office locations

Vista Recruitment

Industries covered: Catering and Hospitality

Ashmead Business Centre, North Crescent, Docklands, London, E16 4TG

Dockside Personnel

Industries covered: Catering and Hospitality, Construction, Environmental, Industrial, Logistics, Retail, Security

Unit F19 Waterfront Studios, Docklands, London, E16 1AH

OneClick Recruitment

Industries covered: Catering and Hospitality, Construction, Driving, Industrial, Retail, Security, Social Care

F18a Waterfront Studios, 1 Dock Road, Docklands, London, E16 1AH

Vital Rail

Industries covered: Construction, Rail

Unit 10, Stephenson Street, Canning Town Business Park, Docklands, London, E16 4SA
Plus 1 additional office location

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