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There are many employment opportunities available in the Driving Sector, and recruitment agencies are keen to find new drivers to fill spaces left behind by the substantial number of recent retirees. The sector is also expected to expand its workforce significantly in the coming years as environmental concerns result in the increasing importance of public transport.

Driving is a varied industry, and many of its associated job roles are centred around urban areas such as London and Leeds. But the industry also has close links to the logistics sector - and as such, many driving jobs can be found in transport hubs such as Southampton.

Job roles in Driving

Jobs in the field can range from Long-Distance Freight Distribution to Inner-City Courier Services and Public Bus Driving. Staff require patience, and the ability to concentrate while traversing long routes. Often the hours are unconventional and antisocial, and many careers in Driving necessitate a certain degree of isolation.


Salaries range from about £14K to £35K, depending on the type of vehicle and level of experience. Overall, the average annual income for Driving staff in the UK is around £20K. As with many sectors, wages tend to be slightly higher for London-based employees.

Licencing and regulation

New entrants to careers in the Driving sector may need drivers' licences specific to large vehicles -and certificates to comply with UK and EU regulatory requirements. The field, however, does not generally require any academic degrees, and is fairly accessible for most candidates. Interested candidates can learn more from the Driving Standards Agency.

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