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How to deal with a difficult employee

Every office has them. Whether it's the short fuse, chronic procrastinator or rebel without a cause, all employers will eventually find themselves up against a difficult employee at one time or another. Despite recruitment agencies limiting the cost of a bad hire, the law of the vital few suggests that 80% of a manager's staff problems are most likely caused by 20% of the workforce. Now while this is a somewhat generalised and ...

Published: Wed 27 August 2014

Is social media helping or hurting employers?

As social media continues to redefine what we mean by 'social,' employers have long cottoned on to the potential benefits that the digital age could hold for them. While recruitment agencies may be working on plans to either reject or friend the Mark Zuckerberg revolution, businesses are reportedly flourishing with their new found ability to personally source and analyse their own candidates. While social media has given employers ...

Published: Thu 21 August 2014

5 signs it's time to leave your job

Nobody ever said that life would be one big party, but they also failed to mention how quickly  aspiration and youthful exuberance could be traded in for stability, drudgery and a regular pay cheque.With the state pension age set to rise between now and 2020, the working population in the UK won't be able to enjoy retirement until their mid-sixties, with those yet to enter the labour market expected to remain in employment ...

Published: Tue 19 August 2014

5 ways forward if you didn't get the right A-level results

It's the day after the anti-climax. You open the local newspaper to find photos of 'Academically Exceptional' classmates doing that cringeworthy jump for joy that's apparently obligatory for all soon to be undergrads. Meanwhile, you begrudgingly fill in their teeth with a marker pen as the envelope of failure tauntingly becomes the epicentre for the end of the world. And we all thought exams were getting easier, eh?  While ...

Published: Fri 15 August 2014

Top 100 employers recruiting graduates

With memories of Spaghetti Hoop dining and Jeremy Kyle marathons beginning to take their place in the wine cellar of the limbic system, students up and down the country are taking that jump into the icy cold water that is the real world. Barely half of all graduates will find themselves employed six months after returning their cap and gown, with the majority failing to land a position in a degree related field. The responsibility ...

Published: Fri 15 August 2014

How to stand out as a graduate

Once you've received your degree and ceremoniously tossed your cap up in the air, your life as a student comes screeching to a halt. Your next step is to put the past few years of hard work to good use and find a job.The unfortunate part about the graduate job hunt is that everyone with a degree similar to yours is now a rival, looking to take your dream job right from under your feet. Luckily, there are ways to differentiate ...

Published: Tue 12 August 2014

The cost of hiring a bad employee

Competition for jobs is greater than ever, so you'd be forgiven for thinking that employers have it easy when looking to fill a new vacancy. However with such an abundance of applications and a minefield of unsuitable candidates to negotiate, every next step could prove to be the costliest yet.With the temptation all too great to hire the first applicant who demonstrates the ability to knot a tie, businesses are warned to approach ...

Published: Fri 08 August 2014

4 tips for dealing with an annoying work colleague

Just what is it about you? Whether you're waiting at the bar, sat on the train or in this case just trying to complete that last minute proposal, you always seem to attract the eccentric, obnoxious and clinically insane. Annoying colleagues can be a real test of resolve, especially when it seems that they're only job is to disrupt you in your job.Getting too engaged with the idiosyncrasies of the office joker, loud talker and ...

Published: Tue 05 August 2014

5 tips for reducing eye strain at work

With the digital takeover ensuring that computers are less dispensable in the office than those who use them, eye strain is becoming a very real work related complaint. Fatigue, poor vision, and eye twitching have all become the calling cards of our increased exposure to blue light and are even the victim to the century's other favourite hobby of labelling symptoms. Computer Vision Syndrome, or CVS as it's more (un)commonly ...

Published: Wed 30 July 2014

5 tips for coping with mental health at work

With 1 in 4 people suffering with mental health disorders every year in the UK, trying to cope with these conditions in the workplace is a very real problem. Around 70% of sufferers don't seek treatment and so within the confined walls of an office, daily stresses coupled with your anxiety or depression can mount up to an almost impossible struggle.Many see their job as a key component on the road to recovery with the sense ...

Published: Mon 28 July 2014

Tips for preventing back pain at work

While the common cold may be the undisputed champion in the work absence stakes, back pain isn't far behind with musculoskeletal conditions leading to 31 million working days being lost last year. It's hardly any wonder though when we consider that the number of Quasimodo-esque employees who are hunched over their keyboards is increasingly on the rise.Office workers are the most likely to suffer from back pain with the risk ...

Published: Wed 23 July 2014

Don't let social media ruin your job prospects

As the physical world continues to slip into a digital slumber, social media offers a very personal and public insight into our lives. While its methods of communication have been lauded, our personal profiles are providing a much more astute depiction of ourselves than a CV ever could, and this has resulted in employers becoming much more tech savvy when searching for future staff.While your resume may list your academic and ...

Published: Tue 22 July 2014

Top tips for creating a secure password

In an increasing age of big brother and cybercriminals, your online identity is at risk of being compromised if you don't take the right precautions. In most cases, creating a secure password is your strongest ally and choosing a complex variation of characters to protect your most personal of data could just be enough to deter even the most determined of online hackers.Have different passwords for different accountsWith our ...

Published: Thu 17 July 2014

5 best brain food for thought

If ever there was an aspect of life which was better suited to the phrase 'easier in theory than in practice,' maintaining a healthy diet has to be it. The benefits of healthy eating has long been proven by our friend science but it's not only its physical impact that makes it a recommended daily mantra by experts. The brain is perhaps the biggest beneficiary of a healthy diet, and so called 'brain food' can supposedly make ...

Published: Tue 15 July 2014

5 essential tips for managing your time at work

We've all been there; pressing deadlines, important business meetings and the old maxim 'so much to do, so little time' reverberating around your head. It really doesn't have to be like this. Making your 24 hours go further is easier than you think and just a little organisation will enable you to manage your time at work much more effectively. Plan and prioritise  You might have a revolving door of projects, meetings ...

Published: Thu 10 July 2014

Researching a company before an interview: essential tips

So you've found yourself in that limbo between arranging the interview and actually meeting the company and the feeling of accomplishment at getting this far may leave you tempted to just sit back and relax. Don't.The preparation before a job interview is just as important as the actual date and swatting up on your potential employers beforehand could give you an edge over other candidates. Demonstrating knowledge of the company ...

Published: Wed 09 July 2014

Graduate CV writing services

When the student bubble finally bursts, it can be difficult to put on a tie and make that first step onto the corporate ladder. This of course isn't helped when competition for graduate level jobs is at an all time high and standing out from your fellow university leavers is more difficult than ever. This is why it could be worthwhile to invest in a graduate CV writing service. First impressions count, and rightly or wrongly ...

Published: Thu 03 July 2014

How should you look for a new job?

Agency Central recently took the time to create a survey with the goal of finding out how candidates are looking for jobs at the moment to see whether there were any options you could be missing.What we found was very interesting and you can see an infographic below which highlights the main findings. Of particular note though was that recruitment agencies and direct employers are 330% more likely to send candidates a positive ...

Published: Fri 22 November 2013

Are recruiters adapting to the changing face of the online world?

The Internet has had a profound effect on business, and the recruitment sector has been amongst the pioneers of the digital age. However, despite this leading role in the online world, it seems that embracing new technologies for effective recruitment does have its limitations. According to a recent survey involving head hunters, direct employers and recruitment agencies, an enormous 88 percent of respondents said they would ...

Published: Fri 22 November 2013

What did the world of recruitment look like before the dawn of the Internet?

Imagine a distant time, somewhere with paper, telephones and fax machines; a place filled with the buzz of busy people, when contacting a prospective candidate meant calling a number and speaking to a real person. Cast your mind back yet further, and try to imagine scouring local newspapers in search of a job. Perhaps most difficult of all, imagine a world where the only way to find a job was to visit a local job centre. Whilst ...

Published: Fri 22 November 2013

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