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Why working abroad could help your career

Ever wanted to go loco down in Acapulco? Or perhaps you have dreams of drinking at a bar in far Bombay? Well providing you don't let these social impulses get too out of hand, it turns out that moving to sandier shores could actually help your career.  An unstable economic climate has strengthened the attraction of sunnier climes with an increasing number of Brits considering working abroad and who can blame them? Boarding ...

Published: Tue 25 November 2014

7 reasons why you aren't being hired

Fed up with daytime TV and with the scroll bar on another job site becoming increasingly heavy, you may be thinking that entering The Apprentice would provide a better chance of getting hired than blindly filling out another online application. With all the tabloid headlines condemning the widening skills gap and condition of the job market, you'd be forgiven for assuming that your current lack of employment is as much out of ...

Published: Tue 18 November 2014

The secret of being a great manager

So, you've finally reached that cushy managerial job with your own office, plenty of holidays and pretty swollen pay package. However, you don't want to be like your predecessor, he was a bad boss and you don't want to put your subjects, *ahem* I mean team through the tyrannical rule that your Gordon Brown-esque boss had you under.Now you want to be an effective manager, you want your team to trust you, to believe in you and ...

Published: Tue 18 November 2014

How to answer "Have you ever been fired"

So your job hunt has taken a turn for the better; your CV makes a candidate from The Apprentice look like an illiterate fool, your covering letter is so beautifully written it would bring a tear of joy to Agatha Christie's eye and the interview is going so well you may as well be called Tony StarkThen, suddenly one question comes up and all the momentum in your stride crumbles into nothingness. The interviewer has asked you ...

Published: Wed 12 November 2014

How positive thinking can help your career

Whilst the concept of 'positive thinking' might seem like some new age hypno-rubbish that's better suited to an internet meme than it is to the daily grind, the glass half-fullers will forever support the notion of the power of the mind. Now while i'm not suggesting that you can throw your boss across the room in a moment of Matilda-esque exuberance, studies have suggested that an optimistic outlook can improve health, relationships ...

Published: Wed 12 November 2014

How to deal with the office Guy Fawkes

It's 1605 (sorry, 16:05) and the Autumn twilight of a November evening replaces the auburn mise en scene that sits beyond the office window. Now whilst your workforce may be meandering towards the finishing line of the 9-5 rat race, your very own Guy Fawkes is ready to create a Dick Dastardly diversion in an explosion of independent thought and anarchic intention. Though you may have hired them for that innovative spark that ...

Published: Fri 31 October 2014

What kind of Firework are You?

Throughout every office across the globe, a pick 'n' mix of personalities line the cubicles and desks. From meek introverts to the bossy micromanagers, the workplace is filled with more explosive personalities than Guy Fawkes' gunpowder plot. With bonfire night closing in on us all, it's important to remember that baby, you're a Firework; the only question is what kind?Damp SquibThe Damp Squib of the office, you had such great ...

Published: Thu 30 October 2014

How to stop yourself becoming a 9 to 5 zombie

You're surrounded. The physical embodiments of a desolate Monday morning stare with a longing stillness that would even have unsettled the Raven sat upon Poe's chamber door. You reach around for ammunition to stave off the ungainly advances of the suited undead. "Garlic.No.Matches.No.Silver Bullets.No!" An interesting choice of backpack essentials but all for the wrong apocalypse.Zombies are stubborn at the best of times, but ...

Published: Tue 28 October 2014

Spooky Jobs

Halloween is a time for guts, gore and scary stories (providing the first two are fake) as costumes are donned throughout the country in preparation for a night fuelled with monsters, chocolate and alcohol.With Halloween upon us, kids throughout the western worlds are preparing their trick or treat costumes, whilst Derek Acorah consults with his 'spirit guide.' With Jack o' Lanterns lining the streets and Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' ...

Published: Tue 28 October 2014

5 Tips To Keep Your Staff Happy

While a workforce of happy minions may be nothing more than a pipe dream, moulding your current troop of Daves, Carls and Kevins into a team of Pharrell-esque employees can prove to be a lot simpler and worthwhile than you might have thought. Studies have proven that happy workers are productive workers and though we can all hardly take the Google approach of scooters and slides, there are a few steps you can employ to put some ...

Published: Tue 21 October 2014

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