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The Food & Drink industry involves anything concerned with food processing and research. Pre-packaged food, Food Science and Health Inspection all come under this heading.

Often confused with

The Catering & Hospitality industry.

Also consider searching under

Manufacturing            Agriculture

Industry size and data

  • 189 agencies on Agency Central.

  • Largest UK manufacturing sector - employs 400,000 people and contributes £28.2 billion to the economy.

  • UK Food & Drink exports totalled over £22 billion in 2017.

  • Industry leaders with UK operations include PepsiCo, Mars, Unilever and Nestle.

Major areas for employment in the UK

Widespread across the UK. Given the nature of the industry, this is true even in rural areas.

Useful industry links

FDF Report             EEF Report            Lloyds Bank Report

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