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Project Management Professionals are needed in countless industries, and careers in the field typically involve high levels of responsibility. Career opportunities exist in fields as wide ranging as IT, Construction, and Pharmaceuticals. Thus, Project Management makes a crucial, (though widely dispersed), contribution to the UK's economy.

Skills and qualifications required for Project Management

Professionals in the field must have strong analytic and communicative skills, an aptitude for decision-making, and often the ability to budget efficiently. Effective Project Managers are excellent multitaskers and organised individuals who can motivate teams of coworkers and coordinate projects with many aspects.

Recruitment agencies frequently offer vacancy listings for those specialising in Programme Management, Business Analytics, and Project Support. The majority of jobs are to be found in large firms, but many smaller businesses also require Project Management services.

Employers typically seek applicants with extensive industry experience, who possess either NVQs or academic degrees. Certifications obtained through business management training courses give candidates a distinct advantage over the competition, and can help those already employed capture opportunities for career advancement. Overall, the best employment prospects are found in London, which also tends to be the highest paying region for project managers in the UK.

Project Management salaries

Salaries vary widely throughout the UK and depend largely on the industry of specialisation, but tend to vary from around £25,000 PA for new starters, to over £60,000 for experienced professionals.

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