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The Energy Sector is arguably the most important and socially-relevant employment field in the world today. It is also one of the fastest growing. As traditional fossil fuel sources become increasingly scarce, the demand for innovative renewable energy technologies grows higher and higher every day. The Energy Industry influences politics, global economics, and environmental welfare to an enormous extent.

Job roles in the Energy Industry

The sector is overwhelmingly science-based, but there are also a growing number of opportunities available in the design and manufacturing aspects of the industry. Common positions available through recruitment agencies include Hydrologist, Environmental Scientist, Environmental Consultant, Hydroelectric Engineer, and Electrical Supervisor.

Qualifications and industry sectors

The primary areas of employment are in Wind Energy, Nuclear Energy, and Solar Energy. More than 100,000 staff are directly employed in the Renewable Energy Industry today, in countless diverse positions across the UK. In order to gain entrance to the field, most candidates will need advanced academic degrees, and many also choose to earn special qualifications through organisations like the Energy Institute.

Major employers

The largest employers in the UK are BP, Shell, National Grid, E.ON, and EDF Energy. Salaries range widely depending on employer, but most professionals in the field are well compensated.

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