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Stoke Newington, to the north of London, is one of the few places so close to the centre of the capital that has managed to retain its own identity and keep its village feel, even having open space within it.

It comes under the borough of Hackney and in the past decade has undergone gentrification rejuvenation, in turn seeing its local economy boosted by independent shops, cafes and restaurants and making it an upmarket community. Before that it attracted political radicals, artists and bohemians.

More professional and senior members of staff are found in Stoke Newington compared with the rest of the borough and the employment rate is higher, and it is generally a more affluent part of town.

Keeping in line with the rest of London the district has less manufacturing as part of its economy than the rest of the country. Instead, recruitment agencies will feature jobs in other fields, such as services, health, education and property, which is the largest employment sector.

Like other districts of Greater London, Stoke Newington has fantastic transport links to either central London or the City, and vice versa for employees who commute into the area, with a network of tubes, mainline trains and buses.

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