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The area of Kilburn in the capital stretches into the boroughs of Camden, Brent and Westminster slightly. While it is only a short distance away from the City of London, it is a far cry away from the square mile in terms of economics.
It has an employment rate that is almost 10% below the national average, however there is a higher number of students, and significantly higher number of professionals and senior staff members than the UK average. Residents are by far higher educated than the national average too, with over 20% being qualified to NVQ4 equivalent or above.
The average weekly wage of those in employment from Kilburn is £685 " way above the national average " which may be thanks to the fact that the region is in north west London and is in close proximity to many areas of industry within England's most booming city.
Despite the fact that parts of Kilburn are in need of regeneration, it is part of the London Plan and many highly skilled people live in the district thanks to the affordability of housing. Recruitment agencies advertising jobs within the M25 will appeal to people living in Kilburn, thanks to easy transport links by rail, bus and underground.

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