5 best mobile recruitment apps

As we all succumb to the whim of technological progress, the world of recruitment certainly isn't exempt from the digitally advancing 21st century.

Since the emergence of online job boards at the turn of the millenium, the digital evolution of the recruitment industry has seen it reap the benefits of social media and is now beginning to move into employment on the go. Mobile recruitment is still in its early stages but removing the limits of space and time is something that is already benefitting both employers and candidates alike.

Despite its infancy, there are a range of mobile recruitment apps on the market that are bringing a whole new dimension to the way employers hire their staff.

Bullhorn (iOS/Android)

Bullhorn is one of the leaders in online recruitment software and their mobile offering was one of the first to market in 2011. The app is designed with the busy recruiter in mind and allows the user in depth candidate tracking capabilities. The app aims to provide a database of knowledge in the palm of your hand, offering the ability to view and edit job listings, browse CVs, manage contacts and even display client/candidate maps of their location. Users can also schedule a demo with the makers to ensure you're fully utilising the service.

HireVue (iOS)

With cameras and video recording becoming a basic feature on a phone or tablet, HireVue looks to take full advantage of the potential mobile devices hold. Recruiters are able to send interview questions to candidate inboxes which can then be completed in their own time. Questions and answers can take many formats with video replies proving to be the most innovative and popular. These can then be viewed, rated and even shared by employers to other managers, as it increasingly becomes a favourite way to speed up the process and eliminate interview nerves.

Talent Xray (iOS/Android)

Talent Xray is a candidate sourcing tool that enables recruiters to search across multiple social networks. All from one platform, employers can locate candidates that are best suited to them from LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+. Search queries are sent via Bing and Google with users able to perform a keyword search to target those in a particular location or with niche skills. All searches can be saved and the user-friendly interface makes this the ideal app for the casual recruiter.  

Jobscience (iOS)

For the recruiter short on time, Jobscience is another candidate tracking tool that allows for the swift browsing of applications and CVs. CVs can be searched by keyword enabling employers to find candidates with specific skills and experience. These can then later be shared with others via email or SMS. Away from resumes, Jobscience also allows for the managing of the recruitment process away from the office, affording the opportunity to progress or reject applications and even organise interviews with potential candidates.

InstaJob (iOS/Android)

Maybe not one for the recruitment aficionados, InstaJob is worth a mention for its suitability to social media. Using any photos from their phone, the app enables employers to create visual job adverts that take advantage of the engagement nature of the likes of Twitter and Facebook. Users enter their site URL, job title and then place one of a number of 'We're Hiring' filters over a photo of their choosing, before sharing across multiple platforms. Tweets and statuses with a visual element tend to be more popular amongst audiences and as the image links directly for your site, InstaJob can drive more traffic to your business.

The modern day recruiter knows the importance of constant connectivity and being able to manage the recruitment process on the move gives the best chance of a successful hire. Though we're still at the inception of mobile recruitment, the need to be able to attract and assess candidates outside of the office should ensure that this technology driven industry quickly becomes an established facet of any recruitment campaign.

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