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Sales is an industry covered by a large number of UK recruitment agencies, who can vary significantly in focus and reach. Single-office multi-sector high street agencies who cover the sales industry will have good knowledge of local employers and may have recruited for several different divisions of their customer's organisation. There are also a number of specialist sales staff recruiters who focus purely on placing personnel into sales jobs across the UK. These recruiting companies will often focus more on mid to high level roles and may have well established relationships with the key management staff within their clients. Finally, a number of the large national recruiters also have a specialist sales recruitment division, some of whom may have preferred supplier status with companies across several different disciplines or locations. Each type of agency offers a unique set of benefits, so whether you're a candidate looking for your next position or an employer looking to recruit staff within the sales part of your business, it is important to understand the types of recruitment agencies who will have the best chance of meeting your needs.

Sales positions are offered in countless industries and encompass an enormous variety of professional interests. Popular roles include field sales, medical sales, media sales, pharmaceutical sales and, as careers progress, sales manager and director positions. It is a profession that requires strong social skills, charisma, excellent communication abilities, and a general commercial awareness. Most importantly, sales positions involve networking and the ability to efficiently connect with the buyers of your products and services.

Throughout the UK, base salaries typically range from £15-41K, and the overall average is about £25K. The "Chartered Institute of Marketing" and the "Institute of Sales and Marketing Management" are the two bodies that award professionals sales qualifications in the UK. Both institutions provide courses for professionals of all levels, and training ranges from theory to practical skills.


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Sales Salary Rates
Low Pay:£15,750
Medium Pay:£24,500
High Pay:£48,000
6 Month Change:Down 1.9%
Sample Size:94,285
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