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The Public Sector is an important source of employment opportunities in the UK, and is essential to all aspects of the nation's infrastructure. While at least 23 million people are employed in Private Industry positions, nearly 6 million work for governmental agencies. Public Sector jobs often provide desirable working conditions, advanced benefits, and steady job security. They also give employees the satisfaction of work that contributes to social institutions and promotes the common good of the country.

This is especially true for the Social Housing field, which provides adequate and affordable living conditions for thousands of underprivileged individuals and families. The vast majority of work in the sector is based in large metropolitan centres, and London offers a significantly higher percentage of jobs than any other region in the UK. Some popular positions in social housing are Housing Youth Officer, Benefits Fraud Investigator, and Housing Manager.

Salaries and qualifications in the Public Sector

Salaries can vary widely, but tend to range from about £15K up to £55K annually. The field rarely requires formal entry requirements for junior positions, but more advanced roles typically require a relevant academic degree or NVQ. London and Scotland are the highest paying regions. Overall, the average income in the Public Sector is about £30K.

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