If You’re in Sales, Then This is How to Combat Stress at Work

If You’re in Sales, Then This is How to Combat Stress at Work

Sales environments can be fast-paced, competitive, and a hotspot for work-related stress. We're here to give you the tools to manage that stress and help you hit your targets.

With the number of people we’ve had on our site recently looking for Sales recruitment agencies, we’d imagine that there are a lot of you out there wanting tips on how to succeed in this stressful yet rewarding (and potentially very lucrative) career.

Of all the reasons that Salespeople fail, stress is a major one – so let’s take a look at how to relieve stress at work … 

“Sooner or later, you’ll regret it if you spend all your time at work.”
Jack Ma – Founder of Alibaba Group

Jack Ma is a man worth listening to. As of September, he was the 33rd richest person on earth, with a net worth of .5 billion (US). He’s also self-made – there was no big inheritance involved in the making of his fortune. So if Jack Ma is telling you to take a breather, you should probably listen to him …

What’s the easiest way to combat stress in a Sales job?

Indeed, speak to any Salesperson worth their salt, and they’ll tell you that finding a way to take time out in an effective manner is incredibly important. While you may be tempted by slobbing out in front of the TV with a huge bag of Kettle Chips and a tub of Allioli (yes, we’ve been at it again, garlic lovers!), you’ll probably agree that it’s not the most productive use of your spare time. 

Besides which, arriving for work with a mid-week carb hangover probably isn’t going to set you up for a day of hard-hitting sales calls like some of the other things you could be doing. And the best way to fight sales-related stress is to find a way not only to unwind, but also to make your job easier in the first place … 

How can you be productive and relax at the same time?

While productive relaxation might sound like an oxymoron – two words with opposite meanings – it needn’t be that way. In fact, one of the best ways to relax can be to exercise – whether that’s your mind or your body.

Exercise is not only productive – literally making you into a stronger person – but it’s also a great way of expending excess energy. That means that you’re almost guaranteed a better night’s sleep. After a stressful day at the office chasing KPIs, this is golden.

How to exercise your mind


Not only is reading one of the cheapest ways to keep yourself entertained (!), it’s also a brilliant way to escape the drudgery of cold calling and metrics for an hour or two. Reading is sometimes jokingly called empathy training – as it’s the best way to get inside someone else’s head. Shouldn’t Salespeople be all over that?


Meditation isn’t for everyone, but if you are an open-minded person, then it can be incredibly beneficial. If you’re not, then it’s a great way to relax and become one. And your mind will expand in ways you never thought possible – giving you all kinds of benefits at work. Give it a try if you don’t believe us; there’s almost certainly a free (or nearly free) meditation class near you – just search on Google.

Creative hobbies like art, crafts, or writing

Ideas for creative hobbies to help you unwind include the likes of origami, woodwork, photography, or sewing. It’s important to have a personal project in life other than hitting your bonus at work, and these things will give you just that. And since when was learning to think more creatively a bad thing?

How to exercise your body

Go for a jog, swim, or lift some weights

These are all classic ways to exercise your body – and for good reason. Burning calories can be a great excuse to get into nature too – and even just walking for a few miles will help to keep you fit. As a bonus, you’ll find yourself more resilient to sickness or injury – leaving you free to hit those targets. Don’t discount weightlifting either – it’s a great way to burn calories, and you won’t get bulky without eating a LOT.


Some Sales jobs can be murder on your body. Even if you’re lucky enough to escape the office every now and again, you’ll likely end up sat in traffic on the motorway. With office jobs potentially as unhealthy as smoking, yoga is a great way to stretch yourself to fitness and mental wellbeing. In a way, it’s like meditation coupled with exercise, so this is another great one if you’d like to get to know yourself a little better.

Join a sports team

Again, this one isn’t for everybody, but joining a sports team can be a great way to keep fit and meet new friends. Don’t worry if you’re bored to death by football. Sports range from traditional stuff, to the likes of paintball, roller derby, or ultimate frisbee – so there’s no need to limit yourself. Don’t dismiss the power of socialising with a new bunch of people either – this can really give you a new lease of life if you’ve been feeling a little jaded recently.

“The time to relax is when you don’t have time for it.”
Sydney J. Harris – Journalist

Don’t forget … 

Of course you should always speak to your doctor before undertaking a new diet or exercise regime.

If you feel that your mental health is suffering because of your job, then it’s really important that you speak to a professional as soon as possible. These things are no joke, and doctors take them very seriously.

If you feel you really ‘don’t have time’ to relax or exercise then it really might be time to look for a new job. More and more successful companies are realising the benefits of shorter working hours for their employees, and a Sales recruitment agency could help you to find one. There’s no need to stay with an employer who doesn’t respect your needs as a human. There’s much more to life than work.