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Despite a recent wave of outsourcing in the industry, the customer service sector employs more than 300,000 personnel in the UK and doles out over £5 billion in annual wages. In the past few years - having become notoriously inefficient due to communication issues - there has been a gradual reversal in the outsourcing of call centre staff positions, and the number of UK jobs appears to be slowly rebounding.

Recruitment agencies are especially looking for candidates with patience, an ability to learn quickly, and strong verbal communication skills, (bilingual applicants have a considerable advantage). Typing proficiency and IT literacy are also desirable qualities, but aside from these basic skills, there are no formal requirements for entry into the field. Training is typically given on the job, and no degrees or certification are needed.Employees on the low end of the salary scale tend to earn between £13 and £15K annually, but experienced professionals, including team leaders and managers, usually earn closer to £25K. The overall average salary in the UK is about £17K. Employment is available on part-time and full-time basis, and the working hours are standard: rarely requiring overtime. Some companies, however, do staff night shifts and offer 24/7 customer support. Secretarial recruitment agencies report that call centre staff will sometimes make the move to office based jobs and are perfectly suited to those with a good telephone manner.


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Call Centre / Customer Service Salary Rates
Low Pay:£13,923
Medium Pay:£17,600
High Pay:£27,363
6 Month Change:No Change
Sample Size:45,828
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