Tips to Make a Big Impact in a New Job

Tips to Make a Big Impact in a New Job

Embarking on a new career is fraught with many challenges that can make it all so tempting to revert to the status of office introvert.

There’s no need to fret though as we’re offering a few handy tips to overcome this inherent shyness and to help you make a big impact in your new job.

Positive attitude

Though positive thinking may only be possible thanks to your second cup of rocket fuel, it’s amazing just how much a brighter outlook can help your career. We all naturally warm to positive co-workers and it’s typically those that consistently say “yes” through widened smiles that rise to the top. Positivity combats the negative vibes of potential failure and so often presents an influx of opportunities that are their to be taken at the expense of the perpetually pessimistic. A sunny disposition will make you more popular, more able to deal with stress and more susceptible to bestowed responsibility. Smile!

Throw yourself into the role

Settling into new surroundings is a daunting prospect and it can be all to easy to blend into the background like a character from a ‘Where’s Wally?’ scene. This act of office stealth isn’t what made you so attractive in the interview though; where your self-assured poise and confident replies promised a candidate who could come in and make an immediate impact. Whether you’re an office newbie or one of the founding members of the well-established tea round, it’s never too late to throw yourself into challenges and become a significant influence on the company.

Show individuality in context

Making an impact at work will require you to demonstrate some ‘personality’ but it’s important to remember to keep this suitable to the context. Though you may be known for your puerile jokes and questionable views, you should always have you professional hat on and remember that there is a time and place for everything. How you show your individuality will largely depend on the company culture you’re obliged to adhere to, but there’s certainly no shame in standing out (providing you’re not a rebel without a cause).  

Better yourself

Standing still is akin to moving backwards when it comes to your career and failing to develop your portfolio of skills will only see you fade into the office shadows. Most members of staff will be considered ‘generalists’ i.e. they’re solid in lots of different areas and are versatile enough to undertake a number of roles. Increasingly though, it’s the experts that are making a name for themselves as companies look to utilise the knowledge of specialists to set them apart from competitors. Building your list of expertise will stand you out as a valuable member of the team and could eventually propel you to management or specially created positions.

Be confident

A desire to stay under the company radar is usually born from an absence of self-belief that can, in turn, create a nameless employee in a faceless organisation. Confidence is an essential quality for career advancement and faking some initial self-surety can eventually lead to more and more innate acts of fearlessness. Managers are quick to recognise measured assertiveness amongst their staff and it’s usually these leadership qualities that can see you fast-tracked to the holy grail of a senior position. So don’t be afraid to show some initiative or demonstrate confidence in your abilities, because after all, you were hired through being the BEST person for the job.   

Making an impact in a new job doesn’t require an all guns blazing approach and is usually the culmination of a few small steps over a period of time. Reliable and trustworthy staff are always favourites amongst employers but it’s the ability to step out of the shadows every now and again, that will enable you to make a lasting impression on the company.