Learn from the Best: 20 Must-follow Blogs for Tech Professionals

Learn from the Best: 20 Must-follow Blogs for Tech Professionals

Work in tech and want to know what you should be reading to further your career? We've done the hard work for you and put together a list of 20 of the must-read technology blogs.

Our List of the Best and Brightest Tech Blogs on the Web:

  1. Mashable
  2. Gizmodo UK
  3. Codal
  4. Futurism
  5. Recode
  6. iDrop News
  7. Smashing Magazine
  8. WIRED
  9. ReadWrite
  10. Geeky Gadgets
  11. MIT Technology Review
  12. Techvibes
  13. Ars Technica
  14. Techaeris
  15. Lifehacker
  16. Fossbytes
  17. Digital Trends
  18. The Next Web
  19. HuffPost Tech United Kingdom
  20. Boing Boing

Technology permeates almost every aspect of our lives. From smartphones to tablets, fitness trackers and home automation systems, our lives are driven by connected devices. We are becoming increasingly reliant on gadgets to help us work, rest, play – and even find a job!

Yes, the savvy tech jobseeker is constantly monitoring job boards, social feeds and IT recruitment agencies on their computer and smartphone, in search of the next lucrative opportunity. What’s more, in many industries, even entry-level roles require elementary technical skills.

So, it’s fair to say that those without a sound grasp of technology are at a serious disadvantage in today’s employment market. By only reading the newspapers, you’re merely scratching the surface of what’s available…

If you want to give yourself the best chance of landing your dream job, it’s important to ensure you have the right technical knowledge. And, even if the role you’re going for isn’t especially technical, demonstrating understanding above and beyond the minimum requirements is a sure-fire way to impress at the interview stage!

That’s why you should take a little time each day to read what tech’s leading experts have to say. But, where can the best insight be found? It stands to reason that magazines are no longer the preferred medium for tech news. The most popular destination by far is of course, the internet.

The web is saturated with tech blogs (of varying quality), which can make it tricky to find what you’re looking for, and information you can trust. If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed, there’s no need to fear!

Your friends at Agency Central have compiled a list of 20 must-follow tech blogs to help you narrow your search. Whatever your area of interest, we’re sure you’ll find at least one blog that will help you become the tech expert you always knew you could be! So, shall we begin?

1. Mashable

Mashable was founded in 2005 by Pete Cashmore from his home in Scotland. From these humble beginnings, the site quickly garnered attention from the tech community and became one of the web’s leading resources for news and industry insight.

Mashable’s main focus is technology, digital culture and entertainment. The site offers a good mix of fresh industry developments, news and views on best-selling gadgets, and the occasional offbeat article on the tech world’s wonders and curiosities that’ll have you shaking your head in disbelief!

Whether you’re a casual consumer, a tech connoisseur, or just searching for your daily fix of viral content, you should have Mashable bookmarked on your browser if you haven’t already!

Blogger Spotlight – Raymond Wong

Raymond is Mashable’s Senior Tech Correspondent and reviews gadgets, tech and offers commentary on the latest moves from all the industry giants. Prior to joining Mashable, he was Deputy Editor of DVICE – once a leading technology publication from NBC Universal, and has also written for G4TV, Yahoo and Ubergizmo.

During his time with Mashable, Raymond has written about many life-changing innovations such as Google’s VPS indoor navigation aid for the visually impaired, and got to the heart of many of the community’s big questions such as: could we really live without Facebook?

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2. Gizmodo UK

Gizmodo is a veritable playground for appreciators of gadgets and technology. It’s run by techies, for techies, and has a true community feel. Comments are encouraged, so, if you feel the need to opine on a product you passionately love or hate, this is a great platform to say your piece!

The site has a big focus on innovation, smart design, and the industry giants’ battle to win the hearts and minds of consumers! Just recently, Gizmodo has featured self-driving bin lorries, controversial legal cases such as the ‘greyballing’ tactics which were allegedly employed by Uber to avoid scrutiny from government regulators, in addition to some of tech’s lighter moments such as Google’s search results for the US president.

Gizmodo’s articles are often insightful, sometimes irreverent and always thought-provoking, which is why this is one site you should bookmark if you want to stay informed.

Blogger Spotlight – Adam Clark Estes

Adam is the Senior Editor at Gizmodo, and has excellent tech credentials, having previously written and edited for Gawker, VICE, The Atlantic and The Huffington Post. He has recently blogged about a host of trending topics including Google Home, the notorious Google Docs Phishing Scam and Elon Musk’s controversial vision for an underground tunnel system to tackle congestion in Los Angeles

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3. Codal

This is the official blog of Codal, a Chicago-based design and development agency with a focus on ‘blending an Agile process with the latest technology’. Topics covered include new and emerging technologies, user experience, software and web development.

The Codal blog is an excellent resource for tech-minded professionals, enthusiasts and businesses who want to stay in the know about software and tech.

Blogger Spotlight – Sean McGowan

Sean is a writer and technical researcher at Codal, and has blogged on many topics such as UX design and the Internet of Things (IoT). He supports Codal’s writing team, helping them to create the engaging content readers have come to expect from the brand.

He offers considerable technical expertise, given his engineering background, and has previously contributed to satirical publications such as McSweeney’s Internet Tendency and The Hard Times, which has helped him to perfect his wit and repartee!

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Three of the Best:

4. Futurism

Futurism takes a look at how tech is shaping our world, and speculates how many of today’s most exciting developing technologies may benefit the future of humanity. Whether you’re a fascinated spectator or hope to someday shape the future of tech yourself, this site is a must-read!

Its articles delve deep into pressing topics such as advanced transport, health and medicine, AI, energy and the environment. The presentation is first-class, too, with a great mix of informative journalism, videos and eye-catching infographics!

Blogger Spotlight – Patrick Caughill

Patrick’s Caughill is Futurism’s Associate Editor. His articles regularly cover pioneering scientific and technological breakthroughs. Recent highlights include fluid armor that’s capable of stopping a .44 Magnum bullet and a glimpse into the future of IOT in the home – a ‘Mega-sensor’ the size of a cracker that can monitor the activity of an entire room!

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5. Recode

The experts at Recode regularly comment on the events that shape the tech industry, the future of manufacturing, ethics – and their relationship with technology. The site is also an excellent source of independent tech news and reviews. Aside from being packed with great articles, the site also features in-depth podcasts that discuss developing trends and catch up with many of the industry’s movers and shakers. These podcasts are available for free and uploaded almost daily, so why not catch up during your commute?

Blogger Spotlight – April Glaser

Before writing for Recode, April held a journalism fellowship at WIRED Magazine, and her work has also featured in Slate, Backchannel and Gizmondo. More recently, she has covered the burgeoning manufacturing robot industrydronesAI and autonomous flying cars.

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6. iDrop News

iDrop News is a popular and trusted resource for Apple fans hungry for the latest news on the tech giant’s products, apps and software. The site features updates, tips, tutorials and (credible) rumours, in addition to an active community forum. So, if you worship at the temple of the bitten apple, you should feel right at home at iDropNews. Casual users with a passing interest in the brand are also very welcome, of course!

Blogger Spotlight – Troy Thompson

Based in Orange County, California, Troy is a CSU San Marcos alumnus, long-time Apple devotee and aspiring author! Writing for iDrop News, he has covered many of the brand’s most exciting developments from their autonomous car project, to the new, critically acclaimed iPad Pro and the hotly anticipated, next-gen, micro-LED Apple watch!

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7. Smashing Magazine

This one’s for the technically minded crowd, particularly web designers and developers. Although Smashing Magazine is one of the more challenging reads on our list, it’s packed with great content nevertheless, covering topics such as coding, web and graphic design, developing for mobile, UX (User Experience) and even game design! The site features plenty of actionable tips and tutorials to help digital professionals push their skills further, together with details of upcoming learning and networking events.

Blogger Spotlight – Nick Babich

Nick is a prolific blogger, tech and UX expert, and has worked in the software industry for the last 10 years, specialising in development. Writing for Smashing Magazine, Nick has blogged on a range of topics, including mobile UX, user onboarding, functional animation and much more.

His blogs are light on jargon and feature just the right balance of practical advice, infographics, and eye-catching gifs, which help make some of the industry’s most challenging topics easier to digest. He is committed to bringing tech and digital professionals up to speed with the latest industry developments, helping them hone their skills, and master the latest design and development techniques.

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Three of the Best:


This is the online edition of the popular American tech magazine, which examines emerging technologies and their impact on culture, business, the economy, and other aspects of our lives. The print version of WIRED was launched in 1993 by Condé Nast, and remains one of the most widely-read and respected tech publications on the market.

The site has a great selection of articles available for free. Whether you’re interested to learn about the latest ventures of leading tech businesses, must-have gadgets, or how technology is shaping our society, you’re sure to find plenty of interest here. In short, those who want to keep their finger on the tech pulse should definitely have this site bookmarked!

Blogger Spotlight – Liz Stinton

Liz writes about design in science and technology, covering many of these industries’ most interesting emerging trends. From the new breed of virtually silent electric cars, to the movement-tracking app designed to help users relax, and the rapid rise of Amazon’s Alexa, Liz takes a thoughtful look at tech’s trending developments as and when they arrive.

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9. ReadWrite

Readwrite is a popular tech site with a strong focus on connected devices and the Internet of Things (IoT). From wearable tech to self-driving vehicles, smart cities, AI, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Readwrite brings the freshest news and insight on the technologies that will shape our future.

Blogger Spotlight – David Curry

With every passing year, connected technology is springing up in our homes, cars, towns and cities! David brings readers the latest IoT developments, examining the role connected devices, vehicles and smart infrastructures may play in our lives in the near future. What’s more, if you’re keen to learn about the automotive industry’s race to launch the first commercial self-driving car, keep an eye on David’s blog!

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10. Geeky Gadgets

Geeky Gadgets is a favourite among tech enthusiasts and professionals alike. Since founding in 2007, the site has reliably served readers the latest in commercial and consumer tech news. Geeky Gadgets regularly covers Apple and Android, gadget, hardware, software and gaming news.

Blogger Spotlight – Hamad Saleem

Hamad is Geeky Gadgets’ resident expert on smartphones and mobile tech! He regularly tests and reviews the latest smartphones and tablets, helping readers choose the gadgets that best suit their needs and budget. Hamad keeps his ear to the ground, bringing readers the latest rumours and announcements from tech giants as and when they happen!

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11. MIT Technology Review

MIT Technology Review is an award-winning site and magazine, reporting on the latest tech trends, products and developments. The print edition was originally established in 1899 and has since become an authority on technological innovation! MIT Technology has an experienced, knowledgeable editorial team, committed to bringing readers quality, thought-provoking tech articles, offering a glimpse into our digitally driven future.

Although a subscription is required for full access to the articles, many tech aficionados would agree, it’s well worth the price of admission!

Blogger Spotlight – Jason Pontin

Jason is the CEO and Editor-in-Chief at MIT Technology Review. In addition to writing on business and connectivity for MIT’s print and digital editions, he also plays a leading role in many of their events around the world.

Prior to joining MIT, he was the editor of Red Herring Magazine, which was named by the Wall Street Journal as the ‘bible of the boom’.

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12. Techvibes

Since founding in 2002, Techvibes has become a trusted source for news on technology and its impact on our culture and lifestyle. It’s a slick, modern site that brings users the scoop on all the latest tech trends, from AI to 3D printing and the evolving digital workplace. Techvibes also casts an eye on the cutting edge workspaces of some of the industry’s most innovative companies, in their popular ‘Killer Spaces’ feature.

Blogger Spotlight – Knowlton Thomas

Knowlton Thomas is Techvibes’ Managing Editor and a regular contributor to the site, bringing readers news and commentary on many of the industry’s most exciting topics, such as autonomous vehicles, the battle of the social platforms, the latest (often controversial) developments from Uber, and the digital currency revolution (currently led by Bitcoin). If you want to learn about the tech companies, people and products that matter today, Knowlton’s your man.    

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13. Ars Technica

Ars Technica was founded in 1998 by Editor-in-Chief Ken Fisher, as a tech publication aimed at ‘alpha geeks’ (i.e. technologists and IT professionals). Fisher set out to create something ‘technically savvy, up-to-date and more fun’ than the comparable publications on the market. Ars Technica quickly became a respected source of tech and science news, gadget and software reviews, and industry analysis. In 2001, Ars Technica was one of the first sites of their kind to offer a digital subscription service, and their longer articles for PDF download, years before many of their competitors followed suit!

Blogger Spotlight – Jon Brodkin

Jon Brodkin is Ars Technica’s Senior IT Reporter and has written for the site since 2011, covering predominantly IT and tech policy topics, such as net neutrality, internet providers (and consumer experience). Brodkin has a good knowledge of technology, business and government legislation, and brings readers the facts about the companies and legislation that matter.

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14. Techaeris

Launched in 2013 by Alex Hernandez, Techaeris is a popular independent source for news on technology, science and art. The site also features tutorials, giveaways and reviews. It’s packed with fun, engaging content that you don’t have to be technically minded to enjoy. Whether you’re considering which tablet or console to buy, but first want to arm yourself with the facts, or are hungry for the latest developments from your favourite tech brands, Techaeris is well worth a look. The content is varied and high in quality, with a friendly tone throughout. User comments are encouraged, which gives the site a community feel.

Blogger Spotlight – Justin Jelinek

Justin is Techaeris’ Managing Editor and a longtime tech, gaming and gadget enthusiast. He regularly brings Techaeris’ readers considered, in-depth reviews of the products that have the tech industry talking, helping consumers decide which gadgets are worth their hard-earned cash! His other areas of expertise include entertainment, science (including space tech) and gaming. Justin’s writing features just the right balance of insider knowledge and knowing humour to keep readers hooked!

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15. Lifehacker

Although the site isn’t purely tech-focused, Lifehacker simply contains too much first-rate, thought-provoking, high-tech content to be omitted from our list! Its mission is simple: to serve readers with smart, entertaining and innovative ideas to help them become happier, more productive – and save some money along the way!

As the aim of many tech products is to make our lives simpler, it’s hardly surprising that most of Lifehacker’s tips involve tech in one way or another. The site is packed with helpful hints and ideas that you’ll wish you thought of, from ways to conserve battery life on your DSLR, to the best time-saving keyboard shortcuts, and how to turn a USB port into a fingerprint scanner!

Outside the realm of tech, you’ll also find a plethora of tips to make life that bit simpler (and more fun). Whether you want to curb your impulse spending, impress your family and friends with party tricks, or build a cool station to organise your LEGO collection, you’ll find plenty to interest you on Lifehacker!

Blogger Spotlight – Melissa Kirsch

Melissa is Lifehacker’s Editor-in-Chief and the author of ‘The Girl’s Guide’ – a popular self-help book, which aims to help modern women overcome the challenges of young adulthood and beyond. Check out her Twitter account for a round-up of some of Lifehacker’s most ingenious and life-changing insights!

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Three of the Best:

16. Fossbytes

In August 2014, Fossbytes was founded as a tech startup in India and has quickly established itself as one of the major contenders in the tech blogosphere. Just three years on, Fossbytes is now known for its intelligent reporting, technical knowledge, and up-to-the-minute insights. The site tells readers everything they need to know about the industry’s major players, tech security, the web and social media, and even offers free tutorials to help them overcome any technical difficulties!

We attribute Fossbytes’ success to their extensive digital knowledge and forward-thinking content marketing strategy. These guys know their stuff; so much so that they developed ViralNews  – a trending content discovery tool that’s free to use and a great way to source high-quality tech articles!  

Blogger Spotlight – Adarsh Verma

Adarsh is Fossbytes’ co-founder and a young entrepreneur. He regularly blogs on topics such as tech industry giants, security and open source, and has become an authority on these subjects. Thanks to Adarsh’s hard work, Fossbytes is on its way to becoming a household name in its native India, whilst gaining momentum in many other parts of the world!

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17. Digital Trends

Digital Trends takes a detailed look at the latest, most innovative technologies, and how they are shaping the world around us. The site also stringently tests and reviews must-have gadgets, cars, games and more. In fact, Digital Trends has rigorous testing procedures for 16 types of device, so you can be sure the product you’ve been reading about has been put through it paces before you make a decision! We love this site because its writers are as passionate about innovation and quality in technology as we are!

Blogger Spotlight – Matt Smith

Matt is a seasoned writer, gamer, computer expert, and editor of Digital Trends’ Computing section. In his regular blogs, he enthuses over specs and scrutinises the latest computers and accessories, cutting through all the jargon to help readers buy the best kit for their budget.

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18. The Next Web

Since founding in 2006, The Next Web has supplied readers with fresh news on tech developments, innovations and curiosities from around the world. According to the site’s bio, its target audience is ‘Generation T’, which simply means people of all ages who live and breathe technology!

The site covers the whole gamut of technology, from the hottest apps to the most desirable gear, software for digital creatives, industry insights from around the world, and commentary from some of tech’s leading lights!

What’s more, The Next Web’s award-winning annual conference brings together some of the world’s best and brightest innovators and entrepreneurs, and connects them with the investors that can help them turn their visions into reality!

Blogger Spotlight – Bryan Clark

Bryan is The Next Web’s US editor, hails from California, home to the world-famous Silicon Valley, and has a finger firmly on the tech pulse!

He regularly writes on the industry’s freshest topics such as Microsoft Build (a leading annual conference for developers), rumours of the much anticipated (and potentially bezel-less) iPhone 8, and DrnkPay – a novel app designed to curb users’ ill-advised, alcohol-fueled purchases!

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19. HuffPost Tech United Kingdom

Huffington Post’s popular tech section takes a broad look at the latest technologies and how they are shaping our lives…and society.

HuffPost Tech takes a thoughtful, intelligent look at many of the industry’s most hotly-debated topics – from celebrities’ (frequently controversial) social posts, to ethics in a fast-growing, tech-driven world, and the latest life-changing innovations in science and engineering.

Blogger Spotlight – Claire Stead

Claire is an online safety expert and Head of Marketing at Smoothwall – a leading web security company. Writing for HuffPost Tech, she focuses predominantly on online safety and security, from the push to curb online radicalisation, to how schools are teaching the next generation to stay safe online, and ways in which adults can avoid falling afoul of online security pitfalls! Web users at all levels are vulnerable to cyber-theft and security breaches. Not to fear, however! Reading Claire’s blogs should help you arm yourself with the knowledge you need to protect yourself online and keep this common threat at bay.

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20.  Boing Boing

Boing Boing was born in 1988, as an independently published ‘zine’ with a focus on gadgets and technology, science, sci-fi, futurism, intellectual property and politics. Its online iteration appeared in 1995, predating the dotcom bubble by several years! This gave Boing Boing a worldwide platform, though its writers have taken care to stay true to its original DIY spirit.

The site’s aesthetic is charmingly simplistic, but take a closer look and you’ll find smart, incisive commentary, which gets to the heart of many of tech’s most pressing issues – from high profile copyright disputes to the most exciting scientific and technological breakthroughs. Boing Boing is the voice of home tech enthusiasts worldwide, those who obsess over gadgets and innovation, but don’t always agree with the sharp practices employed by the industry’s giants!

Blogger Spotlight – Mark Frauenfelder

Mark is fascinated by the weird, wonderful and ingenious, and, in his blogs, takes a sideways glance at some of the smartest (and strangest) inventions on the planet, together with a selection of hand-picked curiosities from the web. These include, a beer cooler that follows you around, (very possibly) the world’s most hazardous playground ride, and a flashback to 1974, when a man ordered a pizza using a talking computer!

Three of the Best:

And, with that, we reach the end of our list of unmissable tech blogs! Take a moment to skim through our list again, and bookmark your favourites. You’ll be glad you did!

The majority of workplaces are now littered with intelligent, connected machines that were mere pipe dreams just ten years ago. And, each year, a slew of hi-tech, life-changing products hit the market, ready for an army of devotees to buy at a premium, before they eventually come down in price. Some, of course will fail spectacularly, others will be a part of the furniture for generations to come! You can be sure that our favourite tech blogs will be among the first to break the latest tech scoops, as and when they arrive.

If you have a favourite blog that didn’t make our list, or even run one of your own, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line. We’d love to hear from you. And, if you enjoyed this article, please take a moment to share it. Thanks!

Don’t forget, we’ll be back soon with more news and insight from the worlds of recruitment, HR and digital marketing.