Bad movie bosses

Bad movie bosses

Everybody has had that one job where they worked under a tyrannical boss who seemed to be a massive rooster. A boss who loves to micromanage but never seems to do any work themselves; your very own Bill Lumbergh (Office Space).

As much as we’d all like to reenact the plot from Horrible Bosses, it is a rather impractical way to deal with those, who after all, fund your bourgeois taste for hummus and your selection of fine wines you only bring out at your dinner parties. Whilst we can’t make your boss any better, we can assure you that there are plenty of movie bosses that would be much worse to work for.

If you ever find yourself working for a boss like any on our list, you’d better call Kenny Loggins, ’cause you’re in the Danger Zone.

Dr. Evil – Austin Powers

Austin Powers’ bald headed nemesis may have been frozen for 30 years, but that only left him with a frozen heart towards his employees. Bullet wounds, beatings and being run over by a steamroller are just some of the occupational hazards that accompany the role of henchmen under Dr. Evil.  

However, working for a doctor does seem like a prestigious career and unlike most villanous movie doctors (looking at you Dr. Nefario) Dr. Evil spent six years in Evil Medical School so he really is the real deal.

If you think the disciplinary in your workplace is over the top then a position under this evil empire is not for you. Failure leads to harsh repercussions, upset this diabolical boss and you’ll be given a one way trip to the burning furnace positioned under the board of director’s desk, that is of course if the sharks with frickin’ laser beams attached to their heads don’t randomly kill you first.

Miranda Priestly – The Devil Wears Prada

This Editor-in-Chief strikes fear into the hearts of her employees and is every personal assistants worst nightmare. One of those bosses who expects their assistant to move the earth when they snap their fingers, Priestly often tasks her assistants with absurd tasks including procuring the manuscripts of an unreleased Harry Potter book.

Whilst the perks of this job include expenses paid trips to fashion shows around the world and free designer clothes to accompany this. The stress of this job alone is enough to send most people off to a psychiatric ward, pair this with a boss who dishes out constant insults and attempts to crush any self appreciation that an assistant has and you have a recipe for disaster.

In the modern day, most bosses show their employees some empathy trying to understand any factors having a negative impact. However those employees don’t work for Miranda Priestly whose only concerns are what colours will feature in the next season and who will be wearing who down the catwalk.

Darth Vader – Star Wars

A big, black, ruthless cyborg with a tendency to murder anyone who displeases him, Vader is a tyrannical boss operating on a ‘three strikes and you’re choked‘ disciplinary method.

Not only does this boss not take into consideration the state of his employees necks, but he also decides that’s it’s ok to constantly breathe loudly and heavily no matter how close people are stood. Seriously Vader, it’s everyone’s air, you’ll get your share like everyone else.

However, One of Darths redeeming characteristics as a boss is that he does make sure to promote from inside the Galactic Empire instead of outsourcing, meaning career progression is almost guaranteed (providing the person in the role you’re after fails for the last time).

John Milton – The Devil’s Advocate

Everyone has compared their boss to the Devil at some point in their career, however when it’s said about the senior partner of a law firm John Milton, it is literally true. The fallen angel turned ruler of the underworld has returned to realm of the mortals to rule with a fiery fist.

Milton is the epitome of an evil boss, luring in new employees with praise, advice and perks before swiftly removing all the niceties and turning the office into a pit of cubical despair. As if that isn’t bad enough, imagine having a boss that is omnipresent. Now that would be a micro managing nightmare.

No matter how bad your boss is, you can’t compare them to this movie boss, if you’re ever found under the rule of someone as evil as John Milton, get praying because only God can save you.

Daniel Cleaver – Bridget Jones’s Diary

Compared to the other notorious bosses on the list Daniel Cleaver is a bit of saint in contrast to people who can choke employees through tv screens, have sharks with lasers on their heads or are literally the Devil. However he makes his way onto the bad bosses list as he is the most realistic.

Daniel Cleaver sits in the office of the publishing company he works for, letching on the female members of the publicity team. Whether it’s commenting on the length of Bridget Jones’ Skirt or how her top compliments her natural assets, Cleaver is a harassment case waiting to happen.