7 Signs You’re an Ambivert (and What It Is)

7 Signs You’re an Ambivert (and What It Is)

Neither the life of the party or a self confessed wallflower? Then you might just recognise these 7 definitive signs of being an ambivert.   

What is an ambivert and why do employers like them?

Sitting contently at the midpoint of the personality scale, ambiverts show neither the incessant energy of an extrovert or the inherent shyness of their introverted counterparts. Ambiversion is considered the delicate balance of these two character types and while an individual may occasionally demonstrate behaviours belonging to either camp, they would never describe themselves as a 100% thoroughbred.

This favourable balance of sociable yet unassuming typically makes ambiverts better prepared for the workplace and a preferred personality type of prospective employers. Their flexible, friendly and unobtrusive nature means that ambiverts tend to settle into a new job quickly and need little hand holding to be considered a valued member of the team by both manager and co-workers.

Still not sure where your personality lies? Then read on to see if you exhibit any of these classic signs of being an ambivert:

Small talk is tolerable. Just

Yes it’s insincere and yes it’s going to conclude with an awkward silence but ambiverts can certainly hold their own in a small talk situation (even if they do recognise the falsity of it all). Small talk at work is the ultimate bain of social convention and no one understands this more than the ambivert. This doesn’t mean they wilt in an empty conversation about the weekend though, it’s just that they’re waiting for a suitable break in the exchange to make a swift escape to their desk.

You can adapt to a situation

Ambiverts are nothing if not adaptable and have the stable nature that makes them adept at dealing with most day to day scenarios. Work presentation? No problem. Solo project? Just pass the headphones. Party time? Just pass the tequila. Having a persona that allows you to perform competently across most situations makes you a solid all rounder and a valued member of the workforce by your employer. Contrary to popular belief, ambiverts tend to overtake extroverts on the corporate ladder; especially in sales and management roles.  

Parties feel productive but are exhausting

1999 might be long gone but that doesn’t stop you showing Prince a thing or two about how to party. Christmas parties and networking events are a great platform for your wit and anecdotal prowess but after a few hours, the spark of the ambivert starts to fizzle out and the 24/7 socialisers soon come to the fore. You’re certainly no hermit and love how productive a get together can feel, it’s just that being ‘on’ all the time can be tiring and an early night is never far from your mind.

Different people would describe you differently

If you’ve ever introduced two completely unconnected groups of people from your life, you’ll know that there can be some conflicting adjectives flying around. This difference in your personality is usually a rather thick line between your personal and professional lives; where unpredictable eccentricity is strategically concealed in favour of career progression. Whether this is a cleverly conscious choice of behaviour or something out of your control, ambiverts will display the full rainbow of behaviours, but no one will see them all.

You like your alone time (for a while)

We all need some ‘me time’ every now again and ambiverts are just as content curled up with a book as they are surrounded by friends. Not having to rely on the energy of others means that you don’t need to make plans to enjoy your weekends, however extended time in your own company soon leaves you longing for human interaction. Not sharing experiences with others can feel unproductive after a while but recognising the value of some quiet evenings in, affords the ambivert a healthy social balance that introverts and extroverts will never quite achieve.

You compensate for the personality type others

Move over Libras and see-saw enthusiasts, ambiverts are the ultimate balancing act (in company at least) and will usually tailor their personality to compensate for those around them. Outgoing with shy colleagues and a little more reserved with uninhibited bosses, ‘mid-verts’ are comfortable in the presence of all character types and are the versatile paperclip of any social circle or workforce.  

You don’t feel obliged to get involved in the moment

Are you more likely to take part in an impromptu flash mob or just record it on your phone? If the answer involves the latter whilst pulling out a killer body roll, than you’re definitely knocking on the door of ambiversion. Not all of us are content at engaging in the moment, but ambiverts are neither afraid of it, nor feel obliged to be a part of it and are perfectly happy to just sit back and observe what’s going on around them.

‘Ambivert’ may feel like just another label but being able to identify your personality type can go a long way to helping you place yourself on this spinning ball of green and blue. There is no such thing as the ‘wrong personality’ but understanding what makes you tick can enable you to utilise your strengths and embrace the best of your character.