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Using a range of cutting-edge candidate assessment steps, the Perfect Fit service is proven to REDUCE your commercial downtime and IMPROVE retention rates. ​ Combining evidence based recruitment strategy with the latest in recruitment technology Perfect Fit will increase your new hire retention rate and reduce the risk of an expensive bad hire. ​ We will work harder and search further to find the right person for your business and are so confident of our process we offer up to a 12 month free replacement. ​ You will never be put under pressure to interview somewhere or talk to someone you think is not suitable. ​ However we may come up with a few ideas you may never have thought of and we do ask that you hear us out, at least. ​ Twenty years in the recruitment business has lead us to believe that recruitment can be a tough process if it's not done with thought.


Your decision to change your work life is the most important one you'll make this year. Whether you are ready for your next big step, seeking a new working environment or a better work to life balance it is important that you choose the right help. We understand that you are an individual and that your motives for change are unique and because you are a 'one off' we take the time to understand you and your needs. ​ ​Get in touch if you're ready to make the change or just looking for some advice. We are always on the lookout for great candidates and offer a generous referral fee for any placements we make.

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  • 11 Cross Bank Street, Mirfield, West Yorkshire, WF14 8JY

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School Leaver, Trainee, Graduate, Junior, Regular, Senior, Team Leader, Manager, Senior Manager, Director

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