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DX Recruitment

About DX Recruitment

We are a family-owned recruitment agency that specialize in the supply of temporary personnel to the construction, engineering, logistics and transport industries. We pride ourselves on our service and the repeat business that comes with that good service. If you feel we can assist your business please contact our director and the team will be happy to assist.

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Construction in Stirling
Covers: We recruit for the whole of Scotland | Contract, Part Time, Permanent, Temporary | Salaries £15k - £100k

Office 10, Commercial Centre, Stirling Enterprise Park, Stirling, Stirlingshire, FK7 7RP

Contract Scotland

Industries covered: Construction

Scotia House, Castle Business Park, Stirling, Stirlingshire, FK9 4TZ

Office Angels

Industries covered: Accounting & Finance, Administration, Banking, Charity, Construction, Consulting, Call Centre / Customer Service, Engineering, Facilities Management, Financial Services, Personnel / HR, Industrial, IT, Legal, Marketing, Retail, Sales, Travel

Office 121, Caledonia, Regus Castle Business Park, Forsyth House, Lomond Court, Stirling, Stirlingshire, FK9 4TU
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