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Manchester is a city that will prove popular to anyone with an interest in the arts, being home to a huge number of art galleries, theatres, record labels and more. Museums celebrate subjects including Judaism, costume and science, while the city's musical greats range from its two symphony orchestras to bands such as the Stone Roses and Happy Mondays.

Employment opportunities

The more creative will find opportunities to perform and create in the city, be your speciality music, art, theatre or dance. Art galleries and museums employ administrative, marketing and curating staff, while theatres and music venues hire front of house managers, box office assistants and marketing staff.

In addition to full time, permanent roles, the arts industry also lends itself well to temporary and contract positions, as well as part time work in many venues.


Arts jobs offered via recruitment agencies tend to be in technical, administrative, marketing and sales roles. Pay varies, with box office staff earning upwards of £6 per hour, and managerial staff able to earn well above £20,000 per annum. Those with voluntary experience within the sector are likely to find it easier to find a paid role, the arts arena tends to be highly competitive.

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