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In the UK, human resources staff typically make up about 1% of the workforce at most private sector companies. In the public sphere, however, this average is slightly higher, as government agencies tend to employ more HR workers relative to their overall number of employees.

Unfortunately, the sector has experienced a decline in the past decade, and the field now accounts for a lower percentage of the national workforce than it previously did. Common positions in the sector involve career guidance, counselling services, and roles in training and development.

The range of salaries is roughly £12K to £40K, while the overall average for the profession is close to £18K. In London, however, HR personnel typically earn significantly higher incomes than elsewhere in the United Kingdom. For most jobs, an upper level degree (2:1 or higher) is often required, even for entry-level roles. Companies hiring for HR positions tend to be especially receptive to recent graduates, and while certain degrees may be particularly relevant, there is no specific academic specialism that is seen as a distinct advantage. Employers look for candidates with outstanding communication skills, a strong sense of diplomacy, persuasive talents, and excellent organisation. IT skills and bilingualism will also give applicants a strong advantage.


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