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Located within the M25, Chertsey in Surrey is very much a London commuter-town, but that is not to say it doesn't have a significant economy of its own. With the Thorpe park theme park located locally, it has a foothold in tourist-based services and is predominately a service based economy.

Chertsey's economy is dominated by wholesale and retail trade as well as transport, communication and storage which combined account for 30% of all employment in the town. By far the most significant employer in Chertsey, however, is Compass Group, which has its global headquarters in the town. As a food services company with operations in 50 countries, its base of operations in Chertsey is of a considerable size and accounts for much of the area's employment.

Samsung also have a UK head office in the town and employ a considerable staff. As mentioned the proximity of Thorpe Park also means that much seasonal employment can be found at the theme park.

It is advisable for anyone looking for employment in the area that they use the services of specialist recruitment agencies, the help of which can often prove essential in the successful search for a job. Many employers in the area, especially for example Compass Group and Samsung will advertise staff vacancies via such recruitment agencies.

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