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Mitcham is a well-developed area in Surrey with an interesting history that stretches back beyond the arrival of the Romans and Saxons. A hill fort in the town suggests that there was once a Celtic settlement there.
The district is now a thriving area, home to a large number of professionals. Its proximity to central London which is just 20 minutes away by train has made it popular for commuters, businesses, and recruitment agencies. Mitcham is also on the Croydon Tramlink, and it is easily accessible from the southwest outskirts of London where there is a great deal of industry and commensurate demand for staff. There is a large industrial park next to Mitcham Junction station which has increased employment in the skilled trades sector.
From October 2011-September 2012, 69.2% of people aged 16-64 in Mitcham and Morden were in employment, 38.5% of whom were professionals, with 8.6% holding senior positions. 7.7% held administrative or secretarial roles, while those with skilled trades represented 16.5% of the working population.
Over the whole Merton area, 83.3% of the population has attained NVQ1 or higher. Only 5.2% of Merton's populace has no qualifications at all less than half the rate for the whole of Great Britain.

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