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The telecommunications sector is a diverse and ever developing field that, along with the closely related IT industry, provides jobs to over 1.5 million people throughout the UK. The industry focuses on communication and the movement of data, offering exciting job opportunities to candidates who are interested in working with the latest technology. Recruitment agencies can help place these aspiring job seekers into telecoms jobs either locally or nationwide.

Mobile and land-line communications largely dominate the industry, however the development of the internet and wireless technologies has greatly impacted on the services telecoms businesses provide. IT functions also play a key role in supporting operations and this has created an affiliation between the two fields.

Telecoms jobs can vary, however the majority of positions fall into the areas of mobile communication, telephone systems, IT solutions, development, installation, sales and technical support. The UK is home to a number of significant telecoms employers and these may also be involved in infrastructure and networking. These companies will provide a range of differing services and high profile names include Openreach, BT, SKY, Carillion and EE.

Candidates with qualifications in engineering or systems related disciplines are deemed the most desirable, while those that have a knowledge of computing are also favoured. Specific telecommunications bodies (e.g. ITP) can provide further support and training, but many junior roles won't have a high barrier to entry. As well as academic credentials, candidates will need to be flexible, adaptable and good team workers, as collaborative work is to be expected.

Salaries start at roughly £14K-£16K for most entry or graduate jobs, while experienced and skilled professionals can potentially earn as much as £65K per annum. Nationwide however, the average income for telecom workers is approximately £30K. Salaries in London and the Home Counties tend to be especially high when compared with other regions in the UK.

Quality recruitment agencies that operate within the telecommunications industry will be able to find the right employment opportunities for the right candidates.


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