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The telecommunications industry is a rapidly expanding employment sector in the UK. As mobile phones and computers become increasingly entrenched in the daily lives of people throughout the world, (the average British household spends more than £60 each month on telecom), the demand for larger and more efficient networks steadily grows, as does the need for innovative technologies. In the past decade, the number of worldwide mobile subscriptions has increased fivefold. This, of course, means many new jobs are being created within the sector, and there are now many employment opportunities for skilled professionals in all regions of the UK.

Recruitment agencies routinely seek to fill vacancies for roles in mobile communications, telephone systems, and communications protocol. While academic degrees and professional qualifications are generally a substantial advantage for job seekers, they are not typically required for many junior positions in the sector.

Salaries start at roughly £16K for most entry-level positions, while the most experienced and skilled professionals can earn as much as £65K annually. Nationwide, however, the average income for telecom workers is approximately £30K. Salaries in London and the Home countries tend to be especially high when compared with other regions in the UK.


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Telecommunications Salary Rates
Low Pay:£24,969
Medium Pay:£41,500
High Pay:£70,000
6 Month Change:No Change
Sample Size:12,697
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