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The small town of Swanscombe is situated to the north of the county of Kent in England, and forms part of the Borough of Dartford. Historically, its main industries were clay, chalk, and flint mining, although in the 1970s, it was a major producer of cement in the UK.
It has a population of around 15,389, and 65% of these are economically active. Around 3.8% of Swanscombe residents are unemployed, and only 11% possess a higher education qualification.
The key employment industries in the town are wholesale/retail (21%), manufacturing (14%), real estate (11%), construction (10%), and health/social work (9%). The majority of the workforce is employed as managers and senior officials, technical roles, skilled trades, and administrative/secretarial occupations. The biggest employer in the area is Bluewater Shopping Centre (of the largest of its kind in Europe) which employs 7,000 staff. In recent years, the town has become an extremely popular choice for job-seekers, due to its close proximity to the Channel Tunnel, and rail links to central London.
Recruitment agencies are extremely positive about future employment prospects in the area, as Hollywood's Paramount Pictures are planning a £2billion theme park just outside the town which will create 27,000 jobs, and is expected to open in 2018.

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