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Tunbridge Wells is a picturesque, Georgian town in the county of Kent that sits roughly 40 miles south east of London. As a charming and historically well-preserved town, Tunbridge Wells is a popular tourist hot-spot, especially as it can be accessed easily for day trips from London. As such the town's economy is based in the service industry, and 7.2% of all employment is tourism related.

A significant proportion of all employment can also be found in the Finance and IT services but by far the most significant employer in the town is the NHS Trust, which retains a staff at two separate hospitals of about 8000 people. As such the Public Administration, Health and Education sector accounts for 26.6% of employment, with the local council employing a significant staff in the area also. AXA PPP Healthcare also has a large staff of 1800 and MCL Group Ltd employ 450 people in logistics. Overall, the service industries account for over 87% of all employment in Tunbridge Wells, which is in fact higher than the national average.

Utilising the specialist knowledge of recruitment agencies is a good way of getting ahead in the race for employment. Most employers in the Tunbridge Wells area will advertise staff openings and job opportunities through such recruitment agencies.

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