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Canterbury is a medieval walled city at the heart of the south eastern English county of Kent. A settlement of one kind or another has existed in the area since 1 AD, making it a truly historic city. It has a service based economy with a strong emphasis on tourism, being as it is one of the most visited cities in the UK.

88.8% of all employment in the city is accounted for by the service industry, a figure even higher than the national average which stands at 83.5%. Unemployment figures are also low for the city, at just 5.7%, which is considerably lower than the national average and helps to make Canterbury one of the most prosperous cities in the south east. Much of the city's high employment rate can be accounted for by the opening of the Whitefriars Shopping Centre in 2001 which employs a large number of staff in the local area.

Although tourism related services account for a significant amount of Canterbury's high levels of employment, with the Cathedral alone attracting over one million visits a year, by far the most significant sector of employment can be found in Public Administration, Health and Education. This can in part be attributed to the three universities which employ staff in the area, as well as local schools, the local council and NHS Trusts.

Recruitment agencies are integral to employing staff and looking for job positions in the city. Many positions, especially in the public sector will be advertised through specialist recruitment agencies.

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