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University Courses

Guide to applying for University

Choosing the right university

There is so much to consider when choosing a university and college course:


Make sure that you have visited the campus before you apply. If you can't do as much research in to the location as you can. You don't want to get to the place and not like it.


Look at the actual content of the course. Go through the details of what you're exactly going to cover. Don't just look at the course title and assume that it'll be the same as every other institution.


Are there sufficient resources such as computers, is the library good enough and does the university have a good reputation?


Check to see if there's an option to go on placement when studying as this can often help when looking for a job after university.


Think of non-course issues such as sports and social clubs. Sometimes when you're studying hard, you need time to relax. Choose a university that offers you the opportunity to meet people from other courses.


If you have disabled needs find out if the university is fully prepared. Make sure that the particular buildings you're in are easily accessible and has everything you need.


Another benefit of visiting the campus before you apply is to find out what sort of part-time work there is around. Earning extra money always helps and being prepared with numbers etc will help for when you get accepted as you can beat everyone else to the jobs.

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