Speculative Applications

Sending a speculative application can be a very effective method of finding a job if you do it right.

Speculative applications show you're keen on the company and is a good way to put your CV in front of recruiters regardless if there are current positions available or not. It is not unheard of for employers to create positions specifically for candidates sending speculative applications.

Speculative applications are more unique than covering emails, where you can basically just alter the company name, position and source of application. With speculative applications you will need to do some thorough research into the company. 
Here are some tips for succeeding with speculative applications:
  • Endeavour to find the name of the person that manages the recruitment process and target your e-mail to them. Don't be afraid to call an check.
  • Use the Internet to find companies that actively seek speculative applications by searching for those words in a search engine.
  • Make sure your CV is tailored to the employer. Change focus if you can towards that industry.
  • In your covering letter, also make it specific by telling them why you singled out their company for your application.
  • As with all applications, make sure it is clear of all grammatical errors and is neatly presented. 
  • Keep a record of who and when you have contacted the employers.