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    How should you be approaching the management of your career? And what can a structured approach do for your working life?
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What is Career Management

More time is spent planning annual holidays than is spent planning our work life. Considering how much time we spend at work, would it therefore not be advantageous to do some planning? When you think that your happiness and prosperity is linked in part to your success in work, perhaps more time should be spent planning our working lives?

This is what Career Management is - the ability to plan your working life, strategies and objectives. Don't let this area of your work go unchecked.

What are the benefits of Career Management?

Career Assessment is just one element of Career Management. Exercises such as Psychometric Testing combined with guidance from a career consultant could help you identify skills you might not have previously given much thought to. You can then progress through your working life with options that had not previously been made clear to you.

From the initial assessment stage you can decide how you wish to progress. Considering you might find hidden talents, this should be a given for anyone serious about their career.

However, even if you are already progressing down a desired career path, this doesn't mean to say you wont also benefit from Career Management. Professional advice from a qualified consultant could help you in both the long and short terms.

The information below can be used to help you decide which path you wish to take.

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