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The UK graduate market offers an important pool of qualified candidates for employers across all sectors. While lack of experience typically leads to entry-level jobs, graduates are thought to be 15%-20% more likely to attain work than candidates without a degree. Finance, marketing and law companies offer some of the best career opportunities for ex-students and graduate recruitment agencies are necessary to search and supply the best personnel available to their clients in these industries. These could be for permanent, contract and temporary positions.

Due to the prominence of entry-level roles and graduate schemes, salaries for candidates are typically below the national average. The average university graduate salary is usually around £15K-£20K, although experience could see them rise to senior and management positions and this will in turn result in higher earnings. London will usually prove to be one the most financially rewarding locations, whereas the North West is home to the lowest paid staff.

Graduate recruitment agencies are able to offer advice and assess candidates before recommending personnel to companies. Training schemes offer some of the best opportunities to enter the workforce, although 35% of these are centred around London. Graduates are expected to be versatile for a range of careers and their CVs should highlight any job skills developed during university or work experience, as well as strong communication and interpersonal expertise.


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