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The food and drink industry in the UK has grown substantially in recent years. As people get busier, they turn more and more often to pre-packaged drinks and snacks. As a result, the sector is expanding and adding many new jobs. There is also a growing trend in the market for healthy energy alternatives, and it is an industry where constant innovation is a necessity. Employment opportunities are available in a number of diverse areas, ranging from production and distribution to health inspection and R&D.

The UK's food and drink industry is comprised of more than 6,000 companies, most of which employ a workforce of over 500 professionals. The sector is one in which large-scale operations are the norm, and few employment opportunities exist in small businesses. Recruitment agencies routinely find placements for those seeking positions such as Lab Technician, Product Developer, or General Manager; and there are countless areas of the industry with openings for qualified workers from a variety of backgrounds.


Salaries typically range from about £18K to £55K, making the sector a relatively lucrative one for many employees. The average income across the UK is about £30K annually, but those in London and Northern Ireland can expect to earn closer to £40K.

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