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The engineering sector is the UK's largest technical field, and provides employment for more than 5 million personnel. The sector generates over £850 billion in annual revenue, and is an important force in the national economy. In recent years, the increasing importance of environmental efficiency has provided countless novel challenges for engineers in a wide variety of industries.

Large companies and corporations account for nearly half of all UK employment opportunities, and it is typical for engineers to work in large teams. Engineering recruitment agencies frequently list opportunities for oil and gas workers, mechanical engineers, sewage treatment professionals, and safety engineers. But careers in the sector span numerous industries, and engineers are needed in areas ranging from aerospace to hydroelectricity.Salaries range from £20-50K, and employment is typically on a full-time basis. The average income for engineers is about £30K annually. In London and Scotland, however, average salaries are significantly higher.For those just starting out in the field, there are many paid apprenticeship positions available, especially for students in the process of completing advanced degrees. Engineering careers often require post-graduate study, and the field is known for being highly competitive. Rolls-Royce, Jaguar, Land Rover, BAE Systems, ARUP, and Atkins are the UK's largest employers.


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Engineering Salary Rates
Low Pay:£20,475
Medium Pay:£31,200
High Pay:£52,500
6 Month Change:No Change
Sample Size:199,204
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