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If you are searching for a driving role in Merseyside, there are plenty of opportunities available. Merseyside is a county located in the North West of England, which consists of five metropolitan boroughs including the city of Liverpool. Merseyside has a strong population of 1,381,200 so there is ample opportunity for those looking for employment within the driving industry. Recruitment agencies will have access to a huge range of employers in different sectors, who will be searching for drivers of all types.

Obvious employers to approach are Merseyside's public transport firms: with a wide network of bus, rail and coach services, there are roles available for those who have the correct licence and experience.

Logistics-based roles are also offered by the area's major employers, who include Unilever, Littlewoods, Matalan and Amec. Firms such as these will not only recruit delivery drivers, but also drivers of specialist equipment such as fork lifts.

Courier firms and the Royal Mail also hire delivery drivers - often on an hourly rate rather than an annual salary - while taxi drivers will find work in the region's major cities. Supermarkets also require delivery drivers; the area really does have plenty of employment opportunities.

Average pay is around £7 per hour for hourly paid staff, while those on a permanent contract can expect in excess of £20,000 per year. Do check conditions before applying for a roll as you may find that some employers require staff to have a clean licence or a certain number of years of driving experience to qualify for a position.

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  • Flex Recruitment Plus

    At FlexPlus we challenge ourselves to deliver the highest quality of Driving staff in record times and more cost effectively than anyone else. We have been going for over well over 20 years and are part of a billion dollar staffing group. The range of recruitment options we offer our clients and the sheer power of our recruitment technology set us apart from our competitors. Call/email us today for an exceptional staffing service.
    Coverage UK wide
    • St. Helens Road, Prescot, Merseyside, L34 6HR
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