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Covering areas such as agriculture, LGV and couriering, the driving sector plays an important part in the logistics, operations and distribution of organisations across numerous industries. Driving is facing many challenges ranging from an ageing workforce to increasing environmental restrictions and this further emphasises the importance of Cambridgeshire driving recruitment agencies. They are able to use their geographical market expertise to keep the industry strong and adaptable to change.

Conditions and salaries within the driving sector are dependent on experience, company and the type of vehicle being operated. The average income for driving staff is usually around £20K although experienced 7.5 tonne or HGV drivers can potentially earn £35K+. At the other end of the scale, starting salaries for forklift drivers, tractor drivers and couriers are usually around £12K, although these usually rise to £20K after a couple of years in the role.

Cambridgeshire driving recruitment agencies are experts at sourcing the most competent driving professionals for their clients across the county. Cambridge, Ely and Peterborough offer the best opportunities for employment in the area with couriers and delivery drivers being in high demand.

The driving sector doesn't require much in the way of academic credentials with the only barrier for candidates being particular UK and EU regulations. A driving licence is essential for the industry, while some drivers will need to undergo further testing in order to operate larger vehicles. Candidates should expect long hours and also be prepared for a role that lacks the comradery of an office or team environment. Cambridgeshire driving recruitment agencies are able to analyse whether potential staff have the qualities needed to excel in the sector.

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