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The town of Ruislip was once a part of the county of Middlesex, but now falls within the London Borough of Hillingdon. Included within the constituency of Ruislip, Northwood and Pinner, the west London town has a service based economy much like the UK capital, and local recruitment agencies will commonly aid hires for industries such as Hospitality, Finance and Education.

Ruislip is home to a variety of recruiters that help serve a diverse local job market. The area is well covered by transport links and makes recruitment agencies easily accessible for candidates and employers. There a number of London Underground stations in the town, such as West Ruislip station and Ruislip Gardens station, and the A40 is based just to the south of the area. While employment firms in Ruislip are predominantly multi-sector consultancies, industries such as Driving and Care are supported by specialist agencies.

Economic overview and salaries

The age 16-64 population of the Ruislip, Northwood and Pinner area is 59,100. Of this, 50,900 are in employment, with a higher percentage than the UK average being self-employed. More than 55% of of the workforce are operating in a Management, Professional or Technical role. At £580, the average gross weekly earnings for staff in Ruislip is also higher than the UK average.

Key industries and employers

The Public Sector has a significant presence within Ruislip recruitment and nearly 34% of the constituency works in Education, Health or Public Admin. Mount Vernon Hospital in Northwood is a key Healthcare employer, while Ruislip High School offers career opportunities to Secondary School Teachers and Non-Teaching Support Staff. Construction is a field where recruitment in Ruislip is greater than the UK average, as is Accommodation and Food Services and the Finance and Business industries.

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