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Ruislip was, at one point in time, a town situated in the county of Middlesex. However, it is now an area of north-west London which comes under the borough of Hillingdon. The areas total population is estimated to be 50,000 and whilst Ruislip itself may not house top-name employers, the borough of Hillingdon offers plenty of employment opportunities at Heathrow Airport, which is just ten miles away. The Airport currently employs more than 76,000 staff and supports a total of 114,000 local jobs.

There are also many major manufacturing and retail organisations whose headquarters and satellite offices are based nearby, many of which are public sector services such as the local council, Hillingdon and Harefield Hospitals, RAF Northolt, and Brunel University.

Ruislip benefits from high levels of employment, and the mean gross household income stands at around £37,192 per annum. Approximately 42% of the working age population hold qualifications of NVQ Level 4 or higher, meaning that the demand for graduates in the area is quite high. Both local and national recruitment agencies are regularly employed to seek staff to fill roles in a diverse range of sectors, including education, security, sales, IT, childcare, recruitment, and hotels, restaurants and leisure.

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