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Spalding is a market town in Lincolnshire with a rich history in agriculture and trade.

Situated 14 miles south west of Boston, Spalding has a population of around 28,000. Its strong rail links and place on the River Welland established the town as an important trade hub during the industrial revolution.

But employment and the economy in the region is now largely based on agriculture, horticulture and food processing as well as services connected to these industries such as marketing, packaging, storage and distribution. Recruitment agencies are likely to be seeking staff mainly in these sectors.

Across the district there were 3,255 businesses registered in 2011. FESA UK Ltd, who import and pack fruit for many of the UK's biggest supermarkets, are a major employer in the region, as are Lincolnshire Field Products, who supply produce to supermarkets.

Spalding is also famous for being one of the homes of the Lincolnshire sausage but it also employs people in the plant and flower industry.

Elsewhere, the area has two gas fired power stations, two wind farms and Springfields Shopping Centre, which opened in 2005 and has 55 retail outlets. Unemployment in the region is 3%, below the national average of 3.8%, and the average weekly wage in the South Holland area is £455.60, slightly below the national average.

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