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Prior to 1965, the large, suburban town of Hornchurch formed part of Essex, but is now contained in the Borough of Havering in north-east London. As the UK's capital grew extensively during the 20th century, the population and size of the area has increased dramatically, and is now home to 25,596 people.
During the two world wars, Hornchurch's airfield was a key RAF station, which in later years was demolished to make way for a new housing development and park. It is a large commuter town, with many of its workers making their way into central London on a daily basis. A high percentage of the town's inhabitants possess a degree qualification, and the annual median wage is above the UK average.
The residents of Hornchurch benefit from good employment opportunities due to many large businesses being within easy reach, such as Rainham steel works and Havering Borough Council. The unemployment rate in the area is one of the lowest in Greater London, standing at just 2.6%. It also benefits from some of the lowest crime rates in the capital.
There are a number of recruitment agencies, in London and online, that are currently looking to recruit staff for a variety of positions in the town.

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