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A suburban town of about 40,000 residents, Romford is the administrative capital of North East London's Borough of Havering. As with the vast majority of London, employment here is predominantly white-collar, and almost entirely supported by the service industry. In contrast to many other regions of the UK, however, Romford's public sector is relatively small, and not responsible for employing the majority of residents. In total, about of the workforce here works in education, healthcare, or public administration.

Romford's retail and entertainment sector is by far the largest economic contributor. Recruitment agencies in the area report consistent demand for new staff in the sector, and the recent business boom fueled by London 2012 has created many new jobs throughout Romford's customer service industry. But the economy here is primarily driven by the town's bustling nightlife, and the area is home to numerous cinemas, theatres, concert venues, bars, pubs, and restaurants.
The single largest employer in Romford is Aon, with a staff of several thousand. Tourism currently supports about 8% of local employees, while manufacturing and construction account for 5% and 7%, respectively. In 2012, Havering's median weekly income was £584.20, significantly higher than the national average of £508.

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