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Alloa is a small town in Clackmannanshire, in Scotland's Central Lowlands. Once a bustling port taking freight to Europe, Alloa is now a relatively quiet place reliant on services and tourism.
The town has a population of around 20,000. The county of Clackmannanshire " Scotland's smallest " has about 50,000 people and an area of just 61 square miles. The county town was once Clackmannan, but now Alloa is the administrative centre. Across Clackmannanshire, those in full-time employment have a median wage of £459.20 per week.
Historically, Alloa was a thriving economic hub driven by agriculture, brewing, industry and mining. Brewing and some industry remains today, in the form of Williams Bros and United Glass Works respectively. The docks area of Alloa, closed in the 1970s due to competition from larger commercial docks and largely decaying since the 1960s, have been the site of regeneration in the form of a waterfront development.
Unemployment sits at around 9.7% in Clackmannanshire, although recruitment agencies will be interested in the fluctuating demand for seasonal staff. Tourism represents 7.8% of the county's employee jobs. Education-wise, Clackmannanshire has a higher percentage of people who have attained NVQ4 or above (40.3%) but also a greater proportion of people without any qualifications (15.7%).

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