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What is social media management software and do recruitment agencies need it?

With 90% of recruiters now using social media, the likes of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram have completely transformed how recruitment agencies work.

The problem? Managing all these channels can be tricky, something which has seen businesses turn to management tools in an attempt to become more effective online.

But what exactly is a social media management tool? Do recruitment agencies need one? And which is the best?

What is a social media management tool?

A social media management tool can help recruitment agencies stay on top of their online activity.

These tools, also known as social media management software (SMMS), are designed to streamline tasks and make running accounts easy.

As well as optimising social media output, management software gives users the means to assess their performance with the help of analysis and reporting features.

Features of social media management software

For most platforms, users are provided with a dashboard from where they can manage their social media output.

This might centre around one network or all of them – allowing businesses to control multiple profiles in one place.

From here, users will be able to access a range of features to make their lives easier.

SMMS features may include:

  • Multiple platform management.
  • Post scheduling.
  • Message queueing.
  • Cross network engagement.
  • Team collaboration.
  • Performance reports and analytics.

How much does social media management software cost?

The majority of tools come at a cost, however some are considered ‘freemium’ services.

This means that there will be a free (albeit stripped back) version of the software, although this is likely to be too limited for a recruitment agency.

Prices will vary from platform to platform, plan to plan, but you can expect to pay anything from £20 to £500 per month.

Fortunately, free trials are commonly available, giving you the opportunity to try before you buy.

Why should recruitment agencies use social media management software?

With recruiters using social media for brand growth, lead generation and candidate attraction, agencies are increasingly looking for ways to maximise their digital potential.

A management tool is an excellent way of doing this, which might explain why nearly three-quarters of the recruiters we polled are using one.

Infographic with poll results showing the percentage of recruiters using social media management software.

But what exactly are the benefits of using an SMMS?

We’ve listed four of the primary reasons why recruitment agencies might invest in a management platform.

1. Are you managing multiple platforms?

With social media being such a vital channel for recruiters, it’s not surprising to see agencies publishing content on Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram.

Fortunately, thanks to SMMS, agencies can manage all of these platforms and accounts from one screen – saving time and confusion.

Recruiters can stay on top of everything by posting to different networks at the same time, managing notifications and replying to cross-platform messages; all this is without the need to enter each platform individually.

2. Have you heard of social listening?

Social listening is another term for social monitoring, but it’s more than just looking at hashtags and mentions – it’s finding out what people are saying about your brand.

In 2014, it was suggested that only 31% of company-focused tweets included a handle, meaning if a candidate or employer says something about you, you’ll probably never know.

Social media management tools give you the means to track words and phrases associated with your agency, allowing you to find out what people are saying and act on it. This can help you improve your service and protect your brand.

3. How do you deal with data?

Regardless of which management tool you choose, it will probably come with analysis features. These features will enable you to see how your agency is performing online – which you can then use to inform your social media strategy.

For instance, you might find that posts accompanied with an image get a greater response, or that you’ve seen a rise in clicks from accounting candidates in Birmingham.

Whatever the data tells you, you can use it to alter your social media output for the best results.

4. Do you have a social media team?

Depending on the size of your agency, there may be more than one person responsible for managing social media. This can become a little chaotic, especially if everyone’s having to sign in and out of each network.

Management tools are typically great facilitators of collaboration and can really make life easier for your social media team.

Most tools will allow multiple users to manage one account, but you can also assign different accounts to different people and set varying levels of permission.

What is the best social media management platform for recruitment agencies?

While each tool offers features unique to that platform, the core functions are similar across the market.

This can make it difficult to find the right one for your agency.

To help you decide, we carried out a survey to find out the most popular social media management tool among marketers.  

Infographic with poll results showing our recruitment network's favourite social media management tool.

Nearly half of our respondents chose Hootsuite as their favourite platform, followed by Buffer and Sprout Social.

There is a wide range of options out there, and while the aforementioned dominate the market, 10% of marketers are still using other platforms.

Final thoughts

With social media now being so important for recruitment agencies, a good management tool is near-essential for any business in the industry.

There are a wide range of tools for recruiters to choose from, each offering their own USP and user experience.

The key is just to find the one that works best for your team and for your recruitment agency.

Still not sure? Then read our comparison guide on the best management tools for recruitment agencies.


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