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Specialising in the Driving, Industrial and Commercial sectors, Mainstay Recruitment have a combined 15 years of experience in our sectors and we guarantee that we will not leave you disappointed. From HGV Driver to Receptionist we can offer competitive charge rates, a high level of service and a value for money guarantee.



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  • Driving
  • Industrial
  • Logistics

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HGV Drivers, warehouse workers, industrial staff, receptionist, admin, cleaners

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For both temporary and permanent employment, Mainstay Recruitment offers a high level of service to our employees and candidates. With fully paid holidays and regular work, you get all the perks of a full time, permanent job but the flexibility of being an agency worker. Take time off when you want, take as much time off as you want and pick the work that you want to do! We have a range of different contracts in the Midlands and the beauty of working for us is that all we ask is you finish the day - if you don't like it we will try and get you something else for the following day. You will have a dedicated consultant who you will deal with on a regular basis who will get to know you and the kind of work you like - and don't like. Pay queries are minimal - less that 1% of our payroll is queried - this means that on average you will query your pay less than once every 2 years! For more information please contact us today.

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Mainstay Recruitment is built on a foundation of reliability, consistency and professionalism. We use our three step process for every position we fill. We will tailor our recruitment to fit your needs whether this means a site visit to gain a feel for the operation or a sit down chat to go over the job specification, we are here to fit what we do around you. We perform a face to face interview with every candidate we put forward on both a permanent and temporary basis. This is to gain a feel for the candidate and do more than just matching a CV to a job description. As all employers have found out at one time or another, a CV can look the part but you only know if someone fits once you have met with them. For temporary support, we operate a 24 hour on call service where you can get in touch with a dedicated consultant 24/7 - 365. We are here to offer the complete recruitment solution from short term peak support to long term recruitment drives, we can offer the 360 degree recruitment package.

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