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Alienation Recruitment is different. Over the years, we have steadily built our reputation as the finest recruitment agency in all industries in the UK. Our values mean everything. We believe people are the backbone of any industry; yet also are the biggest challenge. So how do we source the right people, every time? The answer is simple; we have been matching recognised credentials to consider the exclusive needs of clients/applicants — replicating it into a tactic that puts the right people in the proper role each time. By exploiting service delivery through unique ideas ensuring vivacious statement and efficiency throughout, we exceed clients’ expectations consistently. It includes our virtual screening and sourcing of the best candidates across England, Scotland and Wales to cooperate as long-term tactical partners on small as well as large projects. In addition to that, our emphasis is always been hugely on our on-site management resources to ensure the best return on your investment. By evolving our recruitment team during Coronavirus, we have massively cultivated innovative and dynamic recruitment solutions that only endure breeding. Reacting fast to a grave decline in staff sourcing and consideration of skills scarcity, we have announced our virtual recruitment model during Coronavirus. Through our model, clients from a variety of locations across the UK can access staff applications, leading to a broader pool of skilled candidates than ever before. Working in the conjunction with the clientele from confirming we know/fully understand their needs, we have established a robust staffing movement in our branch attraction of a range of driven/high-quality employees from mainland UK. We work with UK lawyers so the process remains ethical; compliant and supported UK workers from interviewing to getting the work placement. We cover all industries. Registration: 13403585


Alienation Recruitment has adopted a virtual recruitment model during the pandemic and Brexit in response to a serious plunge in staff sourcing and the scarcity of skills. Through our model, a broader variety of skilled candidates have been open to clients from various UK sites. We have drawn a range of driven/high-quality employees from the mainland UK by ensuring we know and comprehend the needs of our clients. The procedure is handled by the compliance department aware of the UK laws to ensure adherence; we question and determine the UK workers for work as soon as attainable.

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We have offices located at the following addresses:

  • 3A Vivian Street, Bleanau Gwent, Abertillery, Blaenau Gwent, NP13 2LE

We recruit candidates at the following experience levels:

Junior, Regular, Senior, Team Leader, Manager, Senior Manager, Director

We recruit in the following industries:

Accounting & Finance, Administration, Agriculture, Arts, Automotive, Aviation, Banking, Biotechnology, Catering and Hospitality, Charity, Child Care, Consulting, Creative / Design, Call Centre / Customer Service, Defence, Driving, Education, Electronics, Engineering, Environmental, Executive / Management, Facilities Management, Fashion, Financial Services, Food & Drink, Government / Public Sector, Headhunting, Health & Safety, Housebuilding, Personnel / HR, Industrial, Information Industry, Insurance, IT, Legal, Logistics, Manufacturing / Production, Marketing, Market Research, Media, Multilingual & Language, Not-for-profit, Pharmaceutical, PR, Printing & Publishing, Project Management, Property, Purchasing, Rail, Rec 2 Rec, Retail, Sales, Training / Learning, Science, Security, Shipping, Space & Satellite, Sport, Recreation & Leisure, Tax, Telecommunications, Travel, Spa & Beauty, Energy / Renewable Energy, FMCG, Digital