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Social Recruiter Spotlight: who are Kingsley?

Welcome to our spotlight series, a weekly celebration of the high achievers on our Social Recruiter Leaderboard. This week it's the turn of Kingsley, who from their multiple UK branches, deliver quality recruitment solutions to the Construction, Engineering, Legal and Property sectors. We recently asked them about their experiences of using social…
Published: 11/12/2017

Social Recruiter Spotlight: who are clockworkTalent?

Our Social Recruiter Spotlight series is profiling the agencies that are really excelling on social media (and our Social Recruiter Leaderboard!). Next up are clockworkTalent, a team of recruiters that specialise in sourcing top talent for the digital marketing sector - both at home and abroad. We caught up with them to find out a little about their…
Published: 06/12/2017

AI recruiting software: is the industry in for a shock?

  If you've read our two-part article series on Automation in the workplace, then you'll already be familiar with the benefits (and threats) that come with it. And while it's not quite as scary as cyborg Arnie hunting you down, AI does involve adaptation, redundancies and a wave of change to many sectors.   So if you work in recruitment,…
Published: 08/09/2017

Internet of Things: is there a skill shortage?

You've heard about the Internet of Things, right? That concept that's bringing all of our appliances to life? Okay, so it's not quite that dystopian, but the Internet of Things has certainly started to infiltrate our homes and offices. As the technological takeover continues, the demands on the recruitment industry are changing - especially for…
Published: 12/07/2017

How to make candidates love your recruitment agency

  It's not hard to see that the recruitment industry has a bit of an image problem.  There are some rogue recruiters out there, and they're pulling everyone else down. You don't need to look any closer than the front page of Google to see the effect this is having: Google can make depressing reading for a recruiter   But why is this? Agency…
Published: 05/07/2017

IR35 Reforms: How will these affect recruitment agencies?

    The first week of April is always an important one in the UK; it marks the implementation of many pieces of legislation. This year, April 6th was the all important date and one in particular caused consternation in the recruitment sector.    Specifically, the public sector IR35 reforms could end up costing recruitment agencies vital…
Published: 04/05/2017

Social Media and Recruitment: Everything You Need to Know in 2017

Can you remember recruitment before social media? No? Me neither, but then again, I was a 90s baby who knows nothing of the ZX Spectrum or even a fax machine.  Although social media has only really been around for the last 15 years or so, its influence on the recruitment industry has been huge.  It's changed the way we source candidates. It's…
Published: 21/03/2017

End of Financial Year Rush: How Can Engineering Recruiters Be Ready?

It's the end of the financial year and spirits are in the sky.  Okay, that won't make much sense to those who aren't familiar with The Office, but we're getting to the point of the year where the financial year is ending.  From the 12 months from April, industries and employers throughout the UK will have budgets set out for the coming year; as we…
Published: 03/03/2017

Education Skills Shortage: Why Are Teachers Leaving?

Teachers. The very word evokes envy from some quarters. We've all heard opinions: 'school starts at 9am and finishes at 3.30pm - I'd work for that', 'you get 13 weeks' holiday each year', 'you're out of work more than you're in'.  Why, then, is the education profession facing a potentially catastrophic shortage? It's not unexpected that there are…
Published: 06/12/2016

What is Christmas like for catering recruitment agencies?

'Tis the season to be jolly. This rings true for most of us around the festive period. We're into December, the tree is up, presents bought (who are we kidding?), Christmas playlist has been compiled, and there's light at the end of this year's working tunnel. However, this feeling of relaxation and excitement is not the case for certain sectors of…
Published: 29/11/2016