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How to write a job description: We tested 388,281 and the results are...

        Whether you're a recruitment consultant or in internal HR, then a big part of your job is to attract the right candidates. And to attract good candidates, you need an effective job description. With this in mind, we sifted through a small mountain of jobs that were advertised on our sister site Vacancy Central during January…
Published: 07/02/2017

Careers in Recruitment: Candidates, Clients, and Commission

Have you ever found yourself at a career impasse? Have you finished education, have qualifications, and are now looking for your ideal job? Working in the recruitment industry could provide the answers.  Here, we look at the the opportunities available to potential recruitment consultants as well as the career progression and salaries on offer.  Why…
Published: 06/02/2017

Freedom of Movement: What Brexit Means for UK Construction

    After months of speculation following the decision to leave the European Union, the Prime Minister has finally revealed her hand.      In a speech in January, Theresa May outlined the plans for the UK to leave the single market and renegotiate individual trade deals with the 27 member countries. This effectively means that freedom…
Published: 02/02/2017

Recruitment Business Development: How to Get More Leads

    No matter your role in recruitment, there's one thing that's constantly on your mind ... "How can I get more leads?" You could be the best consultant in the world, but without job vacancies to fill, you're nothing. We all dream of placing nothing but wonder jobs - making big commission from a delighted client - but finding clients to…
Published: 01/02/2017

Why Use a Recruitment Agency: Things You Should Know

  Whether you're searching for staff or thinking of a career change, read on and find out about the benefits of using a recruitment agency.   Why use a recruitment agency to find a job? If you know how a recruitment agency gets paid, you'll be aware that recruiters work on behalf of the employer - not the job seeker. But can candidates…
Published: 31/01/2017

2016 in Review: The Business Events That Mattered

    As another year draws to a close, it's the perfect time to reflect on the previous 12 months and take a look at the major news events that have impacted UK businesses. So with 2017 just around the corner, let's cast our mind back to five of the biggest stories that made the front (and back) pages of the newspapers in 2016.   National…
Published: 30/01/2017

What Employers Must Know About Bullying in the Workplace

Bullying. The very word can send shudders down the sternest of spines. Sadly, it happens in all walks of life and the work environment is no different.   It is therefore extremely important for employers and HR staff to understand what it is and how it manifests itself within their workplace. In addition, they need to reassure employees that everything…
Published: 30/01/2017

The Benefits of Blogging: Having a Blog Can Get You a Job

    Starting a blog is like getting a puppy. You don't do it because it's the 'trendy' thing to do, or because you just crave the excitement of the early stages. It's a commitment. You need to nurture it, ensuring it grows into a strong and healthy dog ... I mean blog.  What we're going to show you in this article is how blogging is such a…
Published: 30/01/2017

NHS in Crisis: How the Health Sector Can Raise Employment

  A humanitarian crisis. Hospitals lacking available beds. Devastated by underemployment. These recent findings perfectly encapsulate the position our healthcare is in.   In light of the current crisis in the NHS, we felt it correct to follow our education skills shortage piece with one looking at the struggles of the health sector in the UK.   From…
Published: 24/01/2017

How important are health and fitness recruitment agencies in January?

  After so much anticipation, Christmas and the festive season passed by in what felt like the blink of an eye. Back to life, back to reality.   It’s around this time that many of us make (and some ultimately fail to stick to) New Year's resolutions. After a couple of weeks of Christmas parties and over-indulgence, fitness often ranks high…
Published: 04/01/2017

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