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Social Recruiter Spotlight: who are Kingsley?

Welcome to our spotlight series, a weekly celebration of the high achievers on our Social Recruiter Leaderboard. This week it's the turn of Kingsley, who from their multiple UK branches, deliver quality recruitment solutions to the Construction, Engineering, Legal and Property sectors. We recently asked them about their experiences of using social…
Published: 11/12/2017

Social Recruiter Spotlight: who are clockworkTalent?

Our Social Recruiter Spotlight series is profiling the agencies that are really excelling on social media (and our Social Recruiter Leaderboard!). Next up are clockworkTalent, a team of recruiters that specialise in sourcing top talent for the digital marketing sector - both at home and abroad. We caught up with them to find out a little about their…
Published: 06/12/2017

10 awesome ways recruiters are celebrating Christmas this year

Advent calendars at the ready, it's that time of year again! But I know what you're thinking ... Recruiters: do they know it's Christmas time?  Well just because they work hard, doesn't mean that agencies aren't partial to a little mistletoe and wine (although I'm sure there's nothing little about the latter).  So with that in mind,…
Published: 04/12/2017

7 social tools that will help you find a better job

There are seven great tools to hack your career here, and none of them is LinkedIn! Unlike many of the lists you'll find out there, ours has the social tools you might not have heard of already. Some of these are methods for making yourself more visible to employers, some will improve your application itself, and some just help you manage everything.…
Published: 16/11/2017

Sell more, win more: follow these 15 top-billing sales bloggers!

  Your friends at Agency Central have trawled the sales blogosphere to create a list of the finest thinkers in the industry. If you're keen to pick up a few tips and tricks in the art of modern selling, sales bloggers can offer a wealth invaluable information.   The challenge?   Well, with the sheer volume of blogs out there, it can…
Published: 03/11/2017

Why graduate volunteering could be the best thing for your career

    Volunteering is great. If you don't believe us, then you could ask the author. Since researching this article, Matt now spends his Saturday mornings stroking homeless cats. If you'd like to gain some new skills or broaden your network (or just pet some kitties), then volunteering could be for you. In this article we'll show you how to find…
Published: 26/10/2017

Learn from the Best: 20 Must-follow Blogs for Tech Professionals

  Our List of the Best and Brightest Tech Blogs on the Web:   Mashable Gizmodo UK Codal Futurism Recode iDrop News Smashing Magazine WIRED ReadWrite Geeky Gadgets MIT Technology Review Techvibes Ars Technica Techaeris Lifehacker Fossbytes Digital…
Published: 11/09/2017

Cyber security jobs: why are more firms recruiting hackers?

  Tell me, what do you think about when you read 'cyber security'? Dark clothed anarchists hunched over laptops? Matrix digital rain? Annoying antivirus updates? These are just the tip of the cyber security iceberg, a sector that has picked up significant momentum over the last decade. Of course, this has been matched by recruitment growth,…
Published: 15/08/2017

Internet of Things: is there a skill shortage?

You've heard about the Internet of Things, right? That concept that's bringing all of our appliances to life? Okay, so it's not quite that dystopian, but the Internet of Things has certainly started to infiltrate our homes and offices. As the technological takeover continues, the demands on the recruitment industry are changing - especially for…
Published: 12/07/2017

Flexibility for the masses: tales from the gig economy

Working life is ever changing. While not unrecognisable from a generation before, the opportunities that crop up are more varied.    Full or part time jobs aren't the only routes into employment. Nowadays, there is more flexibility and one of the terms that fits this elastic lifestyle is a style of work you undoubtedly will have heard of: the gig…
Published: 20/06/2017